Outlane Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Anyone who has a blog, a website, a popular Instagram/YouTube account or know how to bring traffic from paid banner ads, host targeted promotions, etc.

When and how can I get paid?

Receive your earnings every 2nd and 16th of each month if your balance is more than $50. We send payments via PayPal or Skrill. Make sure you specify the correct PayPal or Skrill account in your account settings.

How can I become an affiliate? How does it work?

Sign up to our affiliate program by filling in the form. You will receive your affiliate ID and a link (your unique URL) that you can share on the pages of your website. When someone clicks that link and comes to Outlane, we know that the user was referred by you. If this user buys anything during the next 45 days, you will earn a 30% commission on each sale.

What pages should I bring traffic to?

Find your affiliate link in the dashboard (Dashboard > Assets), by default users will be sent to the homepage. You can send traffic to any page of our website, simply add ‘?ref=YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID’ to the URL of a specific page. For example, if you want to send traffic to one the products, your affiliate link will look like this: https://outlane.co/graphics/animated-patterns?ref=YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID

How can I change my affiliate ID?

Go to the Dashboard > Assets, click on ‘Advanced’ dropdown in the top right corner and change your referral code.

Can I buy one of the product using my own affiliate link?

We don’t allow our affiliates to purchase products using their own affiliate links.

What are the forbidden techniques to bring traffic?

Spamming and misleading will result in termination of your account. Please make sure to bring only quality traffic.

How long does it take for a conversion to get approved?

In order to make sure that a conversion is valid, we approve each conversion manually. Usually it takes less than 24 hours.

What if I have multiple websites/traffic sources?

You can add meta data to your affiliate links to keep track of each traffic source separately. Go to Affiliate Dashboard > Sources, click on ‘New source’ to add a traffic source info. Then go to ‘Assets’, click on ‘Advanced’ dropdown, select a source and copy your new referral link. Also, you can add any other meta data to the link (for example ‘subid’) to divide traffic coming from the same source.


Affiliates are solely responsible for their taxes. Outlane doesn’t provide any tax advice and will not be responsible for issuing tax records to affiliates.

Other questions

If you have any other questions contact us directly at partners@outlane.co