• SumoThe easiest way to turn visitors into ecommerce customers.

    Reduce cart abandonment

    More completed checkouts with perfectly-timed incentives.

    Increase average order value

    Increase order values with offers that excite your customers.

    Grow your email list

    Capture emails of your visitors in the most delightful way possible.

  • SMART Bundle UpsellSmart, adaptive & user friendly upsells.

    Instantly Increase Revenue

    By providing smart upsells that adapt to your users shopping experience, you’ll be able to instantly boost your average order value.

    30 Second Setup Time

    When we created SMAR7 Bundle we wanted it to be as simple to use as possible. You can have your first upsell setup and running in 30 seconds.

    Adaptive Upsell Experience

    We’ll track which device and browser your customers are using to ensure they receive the best upsell experience possible to boost your sales.

  • PushowlWeb Push Notifications for your Shopify Store.

    Abandoned Cart Push

    Automated abandoned cart web push notifications help you increase sales. Perfect for BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday).

    Re engage visitors with push

    Send push notification campaigns to bring back your store visitors, at a fraction of the cost of retargeting ads.

    Reviews, Wishlist and More

    Connect to Shopify Apps: Review Push Notifications (, Loox Reviews,, Wishlist (Growave), Now Back In Stock, Litefy.

  • ReferralCandyPowers referral marketing programs for online stores.

    Your brand, your designs

    Customise the look and feel of everything, from pop-ups to referral offer pages to emails, with our easy-to-use Theme Editor.

    Track referrals and sales

    Track the performance of your referral program. Get an overview of sales and shares, or drill down to details like who referred who.

    Reward customers your way

    Cash? Coupons? Special gift? Choose what your customers would love most – we’ll handle the code and fulfil rewards for you.

  • smile.ioBuild your brand community with a rewards program.

    Loyalty: points & referral

    Design a beautiful loyalty program with points, referral & VIP! See marketing results and engagement in real time with Smile Analytics.

    Simple rewards setup & design

    Create, launch and make adjustments to your rewards program in minutes, not hours. All without a developer!

    Connect with marketing tools

    Connect with your email marketing, reviews, subscription, messenger tools to create social proof, improve retention and grow sales.

  • PrivyCapture more emails, improve site conversion, and grow online sales.

    Grow your email list

    Create beautiful displays with easy to use targeting and triggers designed to get people to join your list and buy from your store.

    Reduce card abandonment

    Launch targeted pop ups and flyouts with exit intent and special discounts to close the sale before people go away.

    Recover carts & drive sales with email

    Send automated abandoned cart emails, autoresponders, coupon reminders & welcome series that drive people back to your site to make a purchase.

  • Ultimate Sales BoostIncrease sales with scarcity, urgency, trust, countdown timer.

    Urgency and scarcity

    Create a countdown timer and low stock countdown to promote a “fear of missing out”. MUST HAVE APP for holiday discount promotion.

    Social proof and build trust

    Display trust badges to increase your customers’ buying confidence and boost sales.

    Promotions on checkout flow

    Not only on product pages, but also on collection and cart pages to increase conversions across your checkout flow.

  • Ultimate Special OffersAll your sales, discounts, and promotions in one place.

    All-in-one sales app

    Tired of other developers requiring you to install multiple apps? Ultimate Special Offers lets you manage all your sales in one place.

    The most promotion types

    Create upsells, cross-sells, and special offers based on volume, quantity, “Buy X Get Y”, bundles, store credit, free gift—and more!

    Seconds to install

    Get set up and create your first offer in no time at all. Our amazing customer support team is here if you need help along the way.

  • MixpanelProduct and user behavioral analytics for mobile, web, & more.

    Deeply analyze behavior with out-of-the-box reports

    Mixpanel helps companies use data to grow their business. Out-of-the-box reports make it easy for teams to build reports that monitor KPIs and go deep in analyzing user behavior, so you can build better campaigns and products.

    Know why users behave the way they do with data science models

    Let Mixpanel take your user behavior analytics a step further with data models that predict users’ actions, identify behavioral correlations, and alert you when important metrics change. Uncover what drives your KPIs up or down, so you can take the right action.

    Rely on a platform that’s scalable and easily integrates with your current stack

    We built a custom database for storing and querying user behavior data. Designed to answer complex questions without SQL, it’s built for much deeper user analysis than what’s possible with a session-based analytics tool.