10 Best Autumn Illustrations

Hello, my friends! Bald trees can be seen outside our windows; we get warm clothes out of the closet because autumn has come to our lives. psychologists say that there is an autumn depression, and I say that we have a cure for it. Make a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a soft blanket. I present to you our medicine for all kinds of sadness and depression – this is a fun and colorful selection of illustrations. We are moving forward, and you keep up!

Devils Backbone Gold Leaf Lager

Illustration by Brian Edward Miller

We are gently entering September with quite a warm picture. I consider that I see exactly the first month of autumn because the foliage is already turning yellow in the trees, but there is still a lot of it. Also, a man in a canoe dressed quite easily. See a pleasant view of the gradually darkening pixelation on the horizon line.

Autumn Harvest

Illustration by Outcrowd

The illustration looks lively and dynamic. We review still a warm period; the weather is good. Elegant work with moving points on the surface of the hills and in the smoke from the tractor. The densely saturated structure with wiggling in pixels fascinates the eyes!

Autumn Mood

Illustration by Alex Kunchevsky

Here we already see October. Wind, empty bench without kissing lovers. They probably are sitting at home, wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea and watching our autumn selection of illustrations. Identify yourself, are you with us? Let your mood be better because you are not standing in the stream of air under this lantern! By the way, the effect of wind is perfectly conveyed on this minimalistic picture!

Autumn Sunset

Illustration by Anton Fritsler (kit8)

This picture immerses us in meditation on existentialism. I want to believe that even on the eve of cold weather, you can be good looking, like this sun, which looks at the girl. Calm positive – so I would call this masterpiece. Very fine work! All the parts are so structured. See how beautiful the golden leaf looks in the hair of a pretty woman. We can`t see her face, but I am sure that she’s amazing!

Autumn National Park

Illustration by Eric Nyffeler

How cozy it should be in this tent, from which the flue pipe comes out! An artist with a talent to make us feel an autumn mood could not be ignored by us. The illustration looks realistic with a huge amount of background overlays. The effect of presence, volume of the image is created. The sun is romantically reflected in the water. Nature says: “This is your last chance to relax near the river this year. And you will not miss it! Excellent!”

Pay Me In Light

Illustration by Folio Illustration Agency

What clarity in the image! Great story with a child and launching a paper boat. And what would you say about colors and line work? Rate the skill on the water, in which there is dynamic and reflection! I’m impressed by gradient and color transition! I do not even imagine how hard it was to process every little thing in the picture to convey the fullness of the image. It feels like a nostalgic dream. This is a really talented artist!

Mona Leaf-a

Illustration by Victoria Cartwright

What an elegant animation with a covered face of modern Mona. Here is a nice grace in work with lines, and beautiful semantic content. And even the heat radiation from the sun can be seen, be attentive. Are your eyes open to all this? Take a sip of tea and everything will work out! Let’s carry on!


Illustration by Daria

If you have the same weather on your piece of the planet and you have a bicycle and a dog, go for a walk immediately. Multi-level background, rich in shades of colors and a detailed structure of this autumn picture should drive you out of laziness and bad mood, and also should inspire you for a walk. I am chained by the image of a girl with pink hair against a background of orange tones.

Lazy & Sleepy

Illustration by Yanka

Here is a typical Mr. Autumn Guy animated shot. I mean if the autumn really would be a sleepy man, it would look like this. Personally, I like the animation style. It reminds me a picture from a book for children. Beautifully executed texture, minimal use of colors makes this work special. Although it is contrary to the name of the animation, you should not be lazy. For a good mood you should always motivate yourself to act! At least cover buildings with your leaves and you will have ready-made entertainment.

Autumn Lookbook

Illustration by Olga Zalite

For a snack, try a rainy picture performed by a Russian artist. In addition to attractive human beings with circles instead of hands, there is another unique thing of this picture – white water. It seems that milk falls from the sky to raise up the mood of funny people. And it works great.

How do you feel? I hope a tour of these amazing autumn illustrations invigorated your mind. And now there is a place for fun and smiles as opposed to cold weather and autumn depression. Wishing you a wonderful mood for seasonal adventures! I was glad to see you, goodbye!