10 Best Christmas Illustrations

Hello guys! We are glad to welcome you! This is the time to wish one another joy, love, and peace. We prepared for you 10 fantastic Christmas and New Year illustrations! We know you will like them! Merry Christmas our dear friends, we hope these wonderful pictures will help you to feel the colors of the season. May all of your wishes and dreams come true.

Happy Holidays!

Illustration by Alex Kunchevsky

Happy Holidays! This picture fills your heart with Christmas warmth and love. It does not matter if you have a house full of kids, or are just on your own. Do not forget to decorate your place! Put a Christmas tree and a lot of lights and candles. Make a fire in your fireplace; it will be your tiny sun on this cold December night.

Mrs. Claus

Illustration by Lana Marandina

It is time of the year to prepare the very best Christmas presents for everyone! Look at the shapes of these mountains and trees all coved with snow! Lana Marandina knows how to match perfectly the shades of blue. Also, look at these colorful boxes that contain thoughtful gifts. This picture really brings you Christmas mood!

Christmas Haul

Illustration by Trey Ingram

Trey Ingram knows how to capture the moment and add some historical aspects to a picture. This is how people used to get their Christmas trees some decades ago, right from a forest! Look at all the details and colors, it is a perfect match. By the way, have you decorated your Christmas tree already?

Happy Holidays!

Illustration by Marko Stupic

December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. But what is the real meaning of Christmas? It is a time of God showing his great love for us and Marko Stupic perfectly illustrated it in his work. Look at this magic night with all the stars and shine! It simply displays joy and peace with its color transitions.

Holiday Preparation

Illustration by Diana Stoyanova

The Christmas season is an exciting time for family and festivities. It is an excellent opportunity to bring your loved ones together. Diana Stoyanova knows it well! Look at this wonderful illustration, everything is coved with snow and a family went to pick up their perfect tree. Their faces show true happiness and their hearts will keep this cheerful memory forever.

X Mas Deer

Illustration by Ilya Shapko

Sometimes all you want just close your eyes and see something magical and special like this Xmas Deer by Ilya Shapko. These beautiful navy blue (and sometimes white, pink and purple!) lights dance around the deer and the sky. Do you know that deer have significant roles in the mythology of various peoples located all over the world? Maybe this deer is the lucky charm you need in your life?

Swinging Santa

Illustration by Animade

Christmas and New Year can bring not only happiness and gifts, but also a lot of pressure. You still need to finish so many things and you already feel overwhelmed? This Santa totally understands you; even magic heroes have those days when everything goes wrong. Animade perfectly illustrated in this animation all the troubles Santa faces during the season. But do not worry, relax, take a deep breath – at the end, everything going to be just fine.

Merry Christmas!

Illustration by Artua

Do you remember those awkward situations from your childhood when your parents dressed you up in a costume that you do not like? This deer in a chicken suit knows how it feels. However, you need to learn how to be happy no matter what. The author of this picture, Artua, suggests us to make New Year’s Eve crackers and learn how to wiggle your ears. He promises it will help!

Christmas Party

Illustration by Teodor Hristov

This energetic deer knows for sure how to be happy and celebrate the New Year! It is simply impossible to look at him without a smile! Forget all your worries and problems. Turn the music up and work on those dance moves; it would be even better if you can dance in your underwear like our deer. Everything will be okay if you just dance!

Santa Cool

Illustration by Hurca™

Santa Clause has the best working schedule in the world. Once a year he leaves his cozy forest in the middle of the mountains in order to fulfill our dreams. Hurca perfectly captured Santa’s mood. He is dancing in his new blue suit and preparing to please kids from all over the world with his gifts. The blue palette perfectly shows the winter mood. Every time I see this illustration I have ‘goosebumps’, what about you?

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas collection and now you are ready to celebrate the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you soon!