10 Best Illustrations of the Week #2

Hi fellows! Glad to report you about a new collection of the best shots of a various designers. This week was really hot! There was a real battle of paintings for the opportunity to be seen by you. And now set aside all cases, sit down, take a deep breath … 3, 2, 1, let the show begin!

Healthy Sasquatch

Illustration by Markus Magnusson

What a nice friendly and buoyant seems Mr. Sasquatch here. The value of the picture is that it promotes a healthy way of life. Do you have excess weight? Sleep problems? An appetite? Just start doing runs and everything will be super! But do not forget to smile while running.

Cabine Yukon

Illustration by Zak Steele-Eklund

The shot came as a result of experiments with the colors by the artist Zak Steele-Eklund. There is nothing to say, just look at the way of using parallax effect colors. Soak up the play of lights and shadows. If you feel an epiphany, then the experiment of the artist was a success.

Grand Canyon National Park Poster

Illustration by DKNG

Current masterpiece is one of 59 USA National Park Posters by DKNG. I was impressed with the quality of the work with twilight lighting in the evening atmosphere. I want to watch the sun fade. At the same moment, seeing the Milky Way appear in this stunning picture of stars.


Illustration by Rwds

This edible illustration is in the weekly top-10 because of the simplicity of perception. But it’s clear that a lot of work was done by the designer to achieve this effect. As for me, this is the most pleasant color combination. I want to call a picture the icon of all the breakfasts of all people.

The Hero

Illustration by Denis Davydov

Not so long ago, the world was shocked by the news that the god of the Marvel universe had passed away. When I first saw this vector portrait I got a thought like “Wow! Give it to the T-shirt designers! I promise to buy such T-shirts for my whole family.” Thank you, captain Stan Lee, for your cool creativity! It inspired millions of people, like the cool guy Denis Davydov who made this tribute. By the way, the song of the Nickelback band with the same name is already playing in your head, right?

On Hold

Illustration by Gal Shir

Surely each of us was in a similar situation. The small animation for the application shows clearly the work of the psychological system “stimulus-response”. As soon as we hear the “on hold” tone there is a desire to take a nap immediately. Wish you to have the ability to sleep no less than 8 hours a day. Then you will have the strength not to succumb to the regime “On Hold”.

Playing Field

Illustration by ranganath krishnamani

Very profound animation. It’s time to think about the fact that the childhood of our children is shifting from the physical and the real to the fictional virtual. In a beautifully executed color saturation, the illustration says that the living mind will conquer the bondage of gadgets. Now the bicycle tire sets the rhythm of the life of the smartphone. The boy playing, balancing tire turns is a symbol of disobedience of consciousness facing the Internet.


Illustration by Backhand-kill

Mickey? Is that you trying to seamlessly merge with the crowd? Come on, don’t be so sullen, you’re not alone in this well-painted world. Look at the girl in front of you. Yeah, the girl with beautiful hair over which designer worked hard. She thinks she is lonely, just as you are. Take her hand and make her break away from the phone screen at last. Kill your loneliness while mingling the crowd until it will make you stop believing in Mickey.

Girl with Long Hair Blowing Dry

Illustration by Anton Fritsler (kit8)

This bright and expressive work could not be missed by us this week. There is no need to talk a lot about the coolness of this creation. The visual energy of illustration cleans your aura. Watch and grow ripe.


Illustration by James Gilleard

Beware! Amazing raptors are here to blow your aesthetic outlook. The artist gave them a special weapon: soft texture, nice looking color combinations, dynamics and savage atmosphere. There is no chance to escape. You cannot help falling in love with this illustration. What a nice fanged beasts, give me all of them instead of pets… Oops, I fell in love!

How do you feel now after seeing hottest shots of the week? I hope you got a tasty portion of spiritual food and inspiration! If you’re not – try to watch the collection again. Follow the events with us and do not miss the new items. Good luck, see you next week!