10 Best Illustrations of the Week #3

Greetings! We are here today to share incredible graphics stuff. In fact, millions of works by different artists would like to be seen by you. But in this fight, no more than a dozen should win! Let’s take a look at the strongest and boldest graphics works of this week! Squeeze your fists and we are starting right now!

Mining Sugar

Illustrated by Eddie Lobanovskiy

The abundance of the dynamics and lively movements of the girls makes this animation unforgettable. So many expressions could be transmitted only by super cool artists. It seems the girl will now turn around and show what she is looking for on the smartphone!

Mountain House

Illustrated by febin_raj

This illustration is not just a beautiful combination of pixel texture and original vector graphics. Here is also the dream of most people about the quality of life at retirement age. Nature constantly dresses the colors of the spirit.

Sun and Moon

Illustrated by R A D I O

A work that tells about the eternal as the alternation of day and night just have to get into our top list. I really like that the designer made the background color change at dawn and nightfall. In such positive faces of the planets there is no rivalry. The picture lures the constructive cooperation of two opposing principles. There is a lot to learn!

Black Bird

Illustrated by MUTI

The bird looks charismatic on the background of a multi-layered texture and next to the flowers. I do not want to look away from this color scheme. In this picture there is heat, which warms in spite of the cold outside the window.


Illustrated by ranganath krishnamani

How cool and hot it should be to dance so eagerly. Illumination of what is happening tells us a story about inspiration and live communication. In general, the distribution of colors in the illustration delights! Would you like to cheer up in the dance?

The Queen

Illustrated by muhammed sajid

I love the combination of these colors! Well, how can you resist a beautiful young lady on a background of textured flora? The illustration looks so harmonious that you want to sit in the lotus position and expect nirvana. Let’s look at this picture for a minute and we will be apprehended by insight! It happened to me! Did you succeed?

Mountain and Sea

Illustrated by Sansheng

It is time for open mountain tourism. The essence of the artist’s talent is not only to convey the atmosphere with the help of textures and a palette of colors. It is also important to feel the inspiration from the illustration. For example, this work says “it is always useful to look at one’s life in society from an objective, from the height of a mountain”. Do you think so?

Tend at London International Animation Festival

Illustrated by Animade

Look at these wonderful hares! They intend to blow up the festival of animation. The softness and appeal of animation roll over mine mind! Are there those who could resist the fluffy?

We Have Nothing, Only Persist

Illustrated by Yeyi

We are in a fairy tale. A magical forest inhabited by cute unicorn ghosts beckons us to stroll through it. Wonderful shot. Notice how the characters in the illustration serve as background to each other. They seem to stem from one another. And the girl is filled with unreal colors which make us even more plunge into the world of fairies and unicorns. Close your eyes. What do you see? In theory, the characters should wave to you and smile! 

Well-Done UI Illustration

Illustrated by tubik

The work of the cook is a great art. It looks symbolic because designers breathe life into their creations in the same way as a cook prepares a dish. It is immediately obvious that the work was done with good thoughts and it is designed to support us in the process of creating something beautiful. Rate iridescent texture and the magnificence of the work with shades to give the picture volume.

Now you are filled with the energy of life, which was given to you by the coolest illustrations of this week. You have a lot of strength and inspiration, nothing will overshadow your smile! Save a little bit of this feeling till viewing the next compilation. Best wishes, always waiting for you here! Bye!