10 Best Illustrations of the Week #4

Wow! How lucky I am for all of us because we are the first to see the top 10 of the most original, high-quality and unique graphic design works. So, I welcome you to the premiere of illustrations that tore the imagination of all creative people during this week! Get ready, set your eyes to our hot-shots collection!

Lone Ranger

Illustration by MUTI

The palette and textures of this illustration look magical. It seems like the picture is inscribed on the sand. And the sand is in the air and constantly moving,  this conveys such a ‘wild west’ atmosphere.


Illustration by Fraser Davidson

Come on everybody put your hands up! These people look bright not only because of the colors. The man who painted them managed to convey their ardent temperament. It seems that this is not an illustration, but live artists. They are going to get out of the screen and have a crazy party at your home! I hope you know what to do about it.

Dinner Time Illustration

Illustration by Outcrowd

How nice and cozy the decor of the kitchen looks when it is raining outside the window. The factor that adds charm to this animation is the playing of light and shadow. It’s nice to see the classic filling of textures – a strict and clear foreground, a soft and sedate background. A woman does not look like a bunch of pixels but an actress – such convincing and real movements.

Boating Girl

Illustration by Kaiseir

I can admire such romance for the rest of my life. Beautiful girl on your board, warm weather and clear sky. The figure of a young cutie lures so much that everything else in the world becomes petty and unimportant. Like these little boats in front, they are an excellent complement to the background.


Illustration by James Curran

Wild athlete! His smile is contagious, and the exercise is hypnotizing! I like the color palette as well as the movements.


Illustration by MUTI

If our cities could be compared with industrial anthills, then this animation perfectly shows what life would be like there. Personally, I liked the perfect order in the animation. Everything has its time. Each detail is fascinating, and the whole picture creates the impression of a separate universe. Unobtrusive colors and soft texture produce an effect of lightness, although the animation itself is very complex.


Illustration by Yegor Meteor

I just love the colors and the design of this compass illustration, an arrow made of a river is my favourite part. It could be a perfect sticker to put on your laptop if you like adventures.

Forest Travel

Illustration by Yana

When it comes to walking in the woods, the smell of pine needles and leaves involuntarily begin to be imagined. I experienced it in spite of the strange globular creatures who started their white eyes at you. It’s great that the artist made a large-pixel structure, which made the illustration voluminous.

Situazione di traffico orribile

Illustration by James Krzysztof Nowak

Incredible image transfer style. Recalls handwritten posters in Europe in the seventies. A characteristic feature of this style is negative emotions on the faces of people who do not resent but attract. Humor is clearly traced in the caricature of the image of situations. As at that time, now, it seems, the mustache is back in fashion!

No Mans Sky

Illustration by James James Gilleard

Post-industrial society on a distant planet. Its residents should be happy because your eyes are now gliding in their habitat. Great job with shades. Their gradual transformation fills the illustration with lively breathing. This is confirmed by neon flowers. Great job with shades. Their gradual transformation fills the illustration with lively breathing. This is confirmed by neon flowers. I would like to fly in a ship that hangs in the sky. It looks so realistic.

Watching the strongest works of the outgoing week, time flies wildly. Which shot did you like best? This is almost an existential question because all the illustrations are inimitable, unique and skillfully executed by designers. I wish you to experience the same delight as the authors of these works, which were presented to your attention in today’s selection of the best of the best! Wish you well! Bye!