10 Best Illustrations of the Week #6

Dear friends, today we are happy to present you 10 amazing illustrations of the week! Here you can find a combination of artworks from different countries! We are sure this week everyone will find something special! Let’s look at the wonderful pictures.


Illustration by ranganath krishnamani

The first illustration brings you to fabulous India. Ranganath Krishnamani knows how to show all the flavor of the country in one picture. Look at this spiritual ritual; women are putting candles into the water with hope and faith. The colors perfectly show all the warmth and magic of the country.

Hero Illustration

Illustration by Ghani Pradita

Do you know this special feeling when you do what you really enjoy and you succeed? This basketball hero by Ghani Pradita is a perfect example; the player really loves the game. There is a harmony between the player and the playground, and the picture shows this unity very well with the colors and shapes.

Asian Girl

Illustration by Julian Burford

Why this portrait has these distinct colors? The author of this illustration Julian Burford decided to keep it in a secret, but he captured the character of the girl very well.

In The Middle

Illustration by ranganath krishnamani

Today we have one more illustration from Ranganath Krishnamani, and the more I look at the picture the more I want to go to India. First, you see the crowded street and busy people, but the main message of this illustration is the little girl with the colorful balloons. She knows how to be happy no matter what, let’s all learn from this girl.

Merry Christmas

Illustration by Sunny

This deer just helped Santa to deliver the gifts and now he is looking at the village and thinking about all the kids who received the presents today. Sunny knows how to draw the magic! These simple lines and colors perfectly show the atmosphere of winter and holidays.

Cactus Xmas

Illustration by MUTI

When we talk about Christmas we usually imagine a lot of snow and trees, but it is not always the case! Look at the illustration by MUTI, even if you are in the middle of the desert you can always celebrate the holiday by decorating cactuses and birds, right?


Illustration by Jona Dinges

If you like hiking and mountains you will love the illustration by Jona Dinges. It is a paradise! The picture shows all the pleasure you feel when you unite with nature. Look at all the details the author placed in his work! Bring me to the mountains now!


Illustration by Yunyan

Do you like looking at the stars and dreaming? If so, you are going to love the illustration by Yunyan, this picture has all I need for a perfect night: a dog, stars, and of course the full moon. It is time to make a wish.

Wintry Scene

Illustration by Matt Carlson

The illustration by Matt Carlson brings you to Sequoia National Forest, just look at these hills, trees, and mountains covered by snow! When you see this picture you can feel the beauty of winter nature.

Happy Holidays!

Illustration by Anna Kajda

Do you know how to make an angel? If no, the illustration by Anna Kajda will teach you; all you need is snow! Relax, lie down on the ground, and energetically move your arms and legs. Your angel is ready! P.S. Do not forget to bring your pet!

We hope you enjoyed out illustrations because we prepared them with love! Have a wonderful week! See you soon!