10 Best Illustrations of the Week #7

Dear friends, we are glad to see you again. The 2018 year is almost over, it is time to remember the best moments of it and create new plans. What was your favorite artwork of 2018? Let us know! And meanwhile, we prepared for you some inspirational illustrations! We hope you will enjoy them.


Illustration by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Look at this wonderful artwork by Eddie Lobanovskiy. These simple lines show all the magic of Christmas and perfectly represent the true spirit of Christmas – love. Fill this season with heavenly rejoices.

River Illustration

Illustration by Outcrowd

Look at this cozy house near the lake by Outcrowd! In the morning you can easily go swimming and after you can enjoy the sunshine on the terrace. This is a dream house for those people who like nature and trees. Where would you prefer to live in a city or countryside?

Yin & Yang Kitties

Illustration by Tony Babel

You have probably seen many times the famous Asian ying-yang symbol of harmony. Tony Babel prepared for you an interesting interpretation and opened a secret behind it. The symbol is all about cats that is why it is so perfect. Now you know the truth, but do not tell the others.


Illustration by Gal Shir

2018 was the year of the scooter! They are easy to run, eco-friendly, and fun. Gal Shir knows it well! Look at this artwork – the girl is a new symbol of freedom. The simple lines and colors highlight the power of this image. It is time to get a scooter, at least in a digital format! 

Couch Time

Illustration by Glenn Thomas

We still have several hours of 2018 and what can be better than spending this time with your loved one sitting on a couch and enjoying the moments! Glenn Thomas illustrated a perfect winter evening. He included all the necessary attributes: a frozen window, Christmas tree, presents and
two loving people in comfortable sweaters.

Christmas Mood

Illustration by tubik

Today we spend a lot of time online checking social media and commutating with friends and family. Sometimes we even celebrate holidays online. Like this cute girl by Tubik. She is far away from home, but at least she can send and receive virtual gifts. Remember there is always a way to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

Stylish Forties Concept Party

Illustration by Anton Fritsler (kit8)

Let’s get dressed up and celebrate the last day of the year! Anton Fritsler, aka Kit8, knows how to celebrate in style! Look at this perfect tuxedos and cocktail dress. The moon and champagne perfectly fit into this picture.


Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova

There are still some kids who have not received the gifts yet. The Santa is coming to fulfill his duties! This week he is the main character. Mari Seroshtanova highlighted the role of Santa by putting him in the middle of the picture. The red suit and the golden belt nicely show Santa’s status.

Merry Christmas!

Illustration by ueno.

Wreaths are a crucial Christmas decoration. What home would be ready for the holidays without one perched upon the front door to welcome in the season and the guests? Ueno. collected all the Christmas joy in this artwork. Everyone can find here something she or he likes. The people, objects, colors, and lines are all in harmony! Merry Christmas!


Illustration by F.

Not only humans celebrate Christmas! If you think that this is false, look at this picture by mister F. This is a foreign planet and aliens also like Christmas, they have already exported the trees and house. Everything is ready!

We hope you enjoyed the illustrations of the week! Happy New Year, friends! May this year be very special for you and filled with wonderful illustrations and animations! Cheers!