10 Best Illustrations of the Week #8

We are glad to see you again, dear friends! How was the first week of the new 2019? January is the perfect time to plan the year! What are you focusing on your health, your career or maybe something else? We prepared new illustrations and animations for you; we hope you will get some inspiration! And now let’s look at the new pictures!

Designer And Client

Illustration by DeeKay

Did you understand the humor of this animation? If yes, you are definitely a designer! Have you experienced a client like this before? Being a designer requires a lot of passion and patience. DeeKay knows it very well! Look at the clock, how much time did you waste trying to deal with “special clients”? What advise can you give to your colleagues who are facing similar situations?  


Illustration by Jay Fletcher

The eyes are the physical portal through which data from your environment is collected and sent to your brain for processing. The brain plays its part by converting the light that went into your eyes into usable information; there are many connections in this process. Jay Fletcher captured in this illustration a magical vision process and highlighted its complexity by adding all these lines and circles.

Hedonistic Lifestyle

Illustration by Hurca™

Are you familiar with the Hedonistic Lifestyle? A person who believes in such a lifestyle chooses actions that would accord him/her the maximum pleasure. In this picture, Hurca collected different things that can bring you happiness! Sport, flowers and plants, colorful clothes …. What do you need for your hedonistic lifestyle?

Panther Floral

Illustration by Pavlov Visuals

Look at the colors of this illustration. Pavlov Visuals combined both flora and fauna in one place! There is a pure harmony between the colors and shapes, and this picture perfectly shows the diversity and coherence of our nature.

Just Chilling

Illustration by Outcrowd

Sometimes we need to escape big cities and unite with Mother Nature! If you cannot take a vacation now, you can look at this magnificent chilling picture by Outcrowd. It is free time, so you can do whatever you want! Enjoy the landscape or read your favorite book. We really like how Outcrowd pictured the hills and trees. By the way, what is your favorite place to chill?


Illustration by Linmuxi

Look at this masterpiece! This night bird is precious. When you see this picture, you can even hear the beautiful voice of this fantastic creature, it is so real! Linmuxi knows how to combine the colors! Rich yellow, juicy violet and dark blue this is a secret recipe! At the end add some lights and the magical illustration is ready to please its connoisseurs.

First Sketch of 2019

Illustration by Frederique Matti

Cats are quite special animals, and today you can find tons of pictures and illustrations related to the cat’s theme! But it is never enough, we always need more cats! This is a special vision by Frederique Matti. All she needs for her perfect cat are blue background and three colors! Voila! The cat is ready!

Cycling Joy Illustration

Illustration by tubik

If you are still thinking what sport to pick up this year – think about cycling! Do you want to know why? First, cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal. Second, unlike some other sports, cycling does not require high levels of physical skill. Most people know how to ride a bike and, once you learn, you don’t forget. And finally, it is a fun way to get fit. Tubik illustrated a guy who is enjoying his bike; the colors and shapes highlight the picture! Be like our guy, stay healthy!

Meet New People

Illustration by Andrew McKay

Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness, and even strengthen your physical health. But close friendships don’t just happen. Many of us struggle to meet people and develop quality connections. If you are introverted or shy, it can feel uncomfortable to put yourself out there socially. But you don’t have to be naturally outgoing or the life of the party to make new friends. Andrew Mckay can help you fix this issue. Look at this animation and remember – the key to connecting to other people is by showing interest in them. 

Don't Get Lost

Illustration by Jerzy Wierzy

Sometimes all you want is just to enjoy the nature and swim naked! Jerzy Wierzy knows it well; look at this gorgeous woman who is going to swim the way she wants! Jerzy is a master when it comes to flowers! We suggest you go to a special place for swimming this year!

Did you enjoy the new collection? What is your favorite illustration, let us know! We wish you a great week and soon you will see more great pictures! Stay warm!