10 Best Illustrations of the Week #1

Hello guys! I am here today with such incredible news! I’m happy to announce that starting today and every Monday I’m going to present you the best illustrations of the week. I have chosen the most interesting ones and it is time to check them out! Take a cup of your favorite drink and let’s start!

Rebel the Alley Cat

This illustration was created especially for cat lovers. It is accomplished with the wonderful pink and a bit of black colors. The emo cat is quite sad and pensive but nevertheless it looks awesome! Also if you like this image you can find the whole creation process on Instagram account of the artist. There are numerous amount of sketches before they become real artworks.


The problem of social networks and using mobile phones is quite urgent that’s why we have chosen this picture. This illustration perfectly depicts emotions and mood showing that sometimes people put on the mask of “happy face” while they are immersed in their own problems.


Are you a fan of video games? If yes, this post is for you! I couldn’t add this magnificent image to the best ones. I admire the whole concept of it and that there are loads of actions which make me, as an observer, look carefully at every detail of the illustration.


Wow! That’s an inordinate style which for sure deserves your attention. I am inspired by the parallel of the leaves. Every pair of eyes represents its own emotion. Nature can see and feel so let’s take care of it.

Hilda in Trollberg

The artwork is dedicated to Hilda TV series. The combination of colors is perfect and creates the atmosphere of magic.

Jellyfish Illustration

That is definitely my favourite one. Have you noticed how perfectly colors are mixed when the blue becomes pink and otherwise? Marine artworks always impress and this one isn’t exception, bringing sense of appeasement and good vibes.


Pet lovers, there is an image for you again 😎 The color palette of this graphics is so fun!

The Other Side

Each line is perfect on this neat small illustration. I couldn’t even imagine that it’s possible to draw so cute flamingo with such strict lines!

Inspiring Tips for New Designers

I love this one so much! I can easily imagine me staying in front of this giant snake in this magic woods with a huge druid staff… Great work! Also, there is an incredibly useful trick for the designers who will drop their eyes on the comment under the shot on Dribbble 😉


This scary illustration was created by Matt Anderson for the dark fairy tales series. I’m not sure that I wanna know what happens with the Cinderella in the end! 😱

It was the list of the most charming and extraordinary illustrations of the week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do and you can follow the artists of this compilation not to miss their other artworks!