10 Best Illustrations of the Week #5

I greet you dear art lovers and inspiration seekers! Scientists are trying to find a confirmation of evolution theory for many, many years. We do the same thing to bring you the best shots of every week! It’s true, only the ten of hundreds amazing illustrations are survived. Ready? Steady… Go!

Player vs Player

Illustration by Ghani Pradita

The strongest side of this artwork is its perspective. The color palette is so diverse that you just want to dive into it. It looks like the picture is going to come alive and the guys with the ball will jump out of your screen.


Illustration by febin_raj

Attention! You will immediately want to go to a village to eat some delicious food and to sit in front of the fireplace after viewing this illustration. It’s because of the pixel texture with a soft mix of colors. Have you already planned a trip to the countryside?

Smart Cities

Illustration by MUTI

The future has already come. You don’t have to wait any longer. According to the illustration, this variation of future is quite acceptable. Do you want to live there? I do!


Illustration by Burnt Toast Creative

This modest shot is full of sense. Is the Internet era good or bad? You have to answer this question by yourself. I can only say that it is very cool to be able to create the masterpieces like this one and share them with the world.

Urban Bizarre

Illustration by Hurca™

I would call this artwork ‘Urban surrealism’. Magical color combinations, gradient pixel texture and a lot of meaning were fused in this illustration.

Music Life | Guitar Girl

Illustration by Orange tea

What could be stronger than a childhood dream? It is estimated that most of them going out of our mind leave a room for hectic, but this musical dream should live forever – an amazing collaboration of colors and the artist`s soul. This girl with a guitar creates her own world around herself as a goddess. Do you want to be a part of this world?

Hey, Arthur

Illustration by Glenn Thomas

It’s time for some minimalism in design now. It always amazes me how artists can make such masterpieces using only four colors. The power of this illustration is the simplicity of design. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that it was incredibly hard to create this artwork.

Jingle Balls

Illustration by Tony Babel

Leave all your worries and just laugh. This illustration is full of humor and fun dynamics. This deer causes Christmas mood!

Give Them Hell

Illustration by Diana Stoyanova

An illustration with such a high level of tension and symbolism could not be missed in our collection. I am always happy to see the illustrations that tell the whole story without any captions. For example, this picture says that modern man has to work hard with his hands and head. But what is the result of his work? You have to decide…

Girl Playing With Robotic Dog

Illustration by Anton Fritsler (kit8)

Let’s turn to the topic of robots. Soft colors and perfect linework making this illustration one of the most powerful design works in today’s collection. Look at the girl’s emotions! I believe that she is very kind and creative just like the artist who created her. The dog reminds me of old cartoons from the 90s’.

As you see, it`s true that the strongest always wins. This collection proved it once again. I hope you received the same pleasure as me watching it. Stay in touch and you`ll see much more of the interesting graphics stuff. Let the force be with you! Goodbye!