10 Best Skateboard Illustrations

Greetings and welcome to one of the most active moments of the current season – viewing a new collection of the best illustrations! This time it’s all about sports and rides. What can motivate us to have a healthy lifestyle more than the best design works with skateboards?


Illustration by Alex Kunchevsky

The first illustration has soft colors and nice texture. It looks like a call to take away all the autumn melancholy thoughts, put on sneakers and ride a skateboard. Do not let the fall to prevent you from getting a great ride!

Kick Push

Illustration by Markus Magnusson

Wait a minute! Isn’t this Santa skateboarding? It seems that the trendy entertainment of this season has got him too! I think someone will be late with the gifts for this Christmas…

Once In a Mall

Illustration by Panic

Do you have a skateboard? No? But you already want to ride it, right? No problem! This ingenious animation vividly shows the instruction of what you should do in this case! Just look at how dynamically and professionally she jumps and control her cart when it flips over. Do not forget to check out the texture and color saturation!

Skate or Die

Illustration by R A D I O

How bored it is to be a big man with huge legs, how hard it must be to rearrange them every time when you’re going somewhere. But all is changing when you can ride a skateboard. In this case, you don’t face any barriers!

Hanging Around

Illustration by Mantas Gr

I like this tough guy! He is definitely not afraid to fall and hurt himself in order to achieve the goal. It’s impossible to become a real hero without making mistakes.

Skater Dudes

Illustration by Mustafa Kural

I didn’t see such an original angle of the illustration for a quite long time. Do you like how fresh and dynamic it looks?


Illustration by Batzorig Tsergiinkhuu

Here is another one smooth texture illustration that motivates us to uncover a skateboard and take a ride. This is the effect of exposure of the quality artwork. The neat minimalistic background is a really cool final touch.

Take a Break!

Illustration by Mustafa Kural

It is necessary to restore the balance of calories after an intensive activity. All that you need is a juicy Hot dog and a glass of fresh juice. After this small break you’re ready to continue a new trick training two times faster!

Skater...boy ?!?

Illustration by Adam Quest

This is what can happen if you think about taking a ride on a skateboard for a long time. Your dog will do it instead! So do not waste your time. Take a look at one more illustration and immediately go skateboarding!

Ostrich Rollin'

Illustration by MUTI

Do you think that nothing can surprise you anymore? I bet you didn’t expect to see an ostrich in today’s collection! He is so cool that he can ride and smoke at the same time. And, of course, he is wearing sneakers and a hat just like a true pro skater.

I hope you acquired a charge of cheerfulness and motivation while looking at these artworks and animations! Get up, go skateboard and make the world around you better! See you soon!