10 Free E-commerce Icons Sets

We are glad to welcome you to watch a selection of fashionable works on the subject Finance and E-commerce icons. You will get acquainted with the 10 most significant works of various designers. Customize your perception on empiric gnosis, money, accounting and other economic stuff. We go on a trip to a world where financial icons live. Get ready, fasten seat belts. We take off!

Nolan icons: Finance and E-commerce

Illustrated by Marina Fedoseenko

Let’s start with the basic assembly of E-commerce icons made by the Ukrainian artist Marina Fedoseenko. This shot is interesting because of clarity of icons and unique color saturation. Icons as if illuminated by neon light.

Dusk icons: Finance & E-commerce

Illustrated by Marina Fedoseenko

Here is another illustration of the same artist. Interesting style! If you know that both shots were made by the same person, then it’s nice to see such a different flow of colors and tech textures. These are particularly soft and smooth.

54 Free E-commerce Icons

Illustrated by Virgil Pana

Current illustration shows the living of minimalistic icons. This painstaking work belongs to the designer Virgil Pana. With help of these icons, it is possible to replace many phrases in dialogues about financial affairs with meaningful icons. Is this the essence of their strength, what do you think?

E-commerce Icon Set

Illustrated by Gloria Qiu

The strict and discreet business style of this set is attractive for correspondence. Icons facilitate the communication of people in the economic sphere. If you like to save time and clearly express your thoughts in electronic communication, then this shot will be useful to you.

Free Business Startup Icons

Illustrated by IconShock

Despite the specifics inherent in all economists, this collection shows different emotions, mostly positive. The miracle is that this effect is achieved by adding only four colors to the colorless layouts of icons.

30 e-Commerce Flat Icons

Illustrated by Graphiqa Stock

This collection impresses with its multi-faceted color presentation. Each icon is a separate image with its own atmosphere. This set is suitable for emotional businessmen. Please note that sometimes color saturation complements the image value compared to colorless. I like the visual design of the operations. And what about you?

Free UI Kit Modern Website Icons

Illustrated by 123creative

You are watching Classic set of business icons for young busy people. It is noteworthy that this kit is so informative that it is possible to describe in general all the phenomena in the dialogue, not only within e-commerce.

Free E-commerce Set of 80 Icons

Illustrated by Anton Scherbik

And now for the dilution of perception rate this cute and unobtrusive kit. Soft orange shades that complement the gray texture of the icons, produce a positive psychological attitude to the decision of financial routine. Can you feel it?

E-Commerce Icon Set 30 icons

Illustrated by GraphicBoat

Do you like shopping? Of course you are, otherwise you would not have looked at these stylish and colorful icon kit. I hope this shot will inspire you to new deeds in shopping. But don’t spend all your money!

Business & Finance

Illustrated by Marina Fedoseenko

Are you still in the subject? Do not lose the economic attitude? This is good because this shot will be served for a snack today. Another work is already known to you – the Ukrainian artist. In contrast to the first two sets, dynamics and emotional pressure are present here. It’s amazing how a variety of ideas can be produced in the head of a single designer.

Well that’s all, dear friends! Now you can exhale, we are back from the journey. It’s time to relax and have some coffee. Sometimes it is useful to take a break from any economic thoughts. I wish all your business to be resolved positively.

Do not leave us for a long time and you will see even more interesting collections of illustrations. See you soon!