10 Shopify Apps to Increase Your Customer’s Loyalty

Today consumers think that they are due more attention from retailers. They believe that the stores, while advertising, pay too much attention to the low prices and completely forget about customer experience.

According to the numerous surveys, almost three-quarters of consumers reckon that companies should invest more money and effort in improving the quality of service, since it directly affects purchasing decisions, and maintaining loyalty to the brands.

This, stated experts, gives a competitive edge to small- and average-sized retailers and manufacturers, who cannot beat the prices of such commercial behemoths like Walmart but are willing to fight for the attention and loyalty of customers with other means.

What else is expected from the e-stores today? More than 27% of customers appreciated the chance to use a loyalty program.

Such number is nothing to sneeze at, and it doesn’t cost a lot to provide, so we see no good reason to disregard this opportunity to outshine the competition, using high rated, efficient and convenient Shopify app, which can make your customer feel special, ensure their return and would cost you close to zero efforts. Let’s look at our top picks.

1. Loyalty, rewards, and referrals

Shopify offers a fantastic choice of apps, many of which can justifiably be called multi-purpose, implementing for you numerous programs, focused at once on increasing sales, conversion and loyalty, such as this one.

The generous free plan ensures that it’s budget-friendly and awarding points system is generous as well, trying to make visitors and shoppers alike as happy as possible.

It doesn’t just grant points for purchasing products, it rewards for leaving reviews, adding comments, sharing the store’s content on social platforms. And even for doing nothing, except celebrating your birthday!

As to the shoppers’ convenience, it’s truly peerless and we especially liked the new feature, which lets clients use the points awarded for the purchase in the very same purchase.

We also loved configurable loyalty email program, which granted to stores 15-20% increase in repeat purchases. No wonder it’s liked and used by not only humble single-employee e-stores but also large companies and corporations such as Perfect Cellar, Peach & Lily, and Hazel & Olive.

Key features

  • In-cart rewards option, which allows adding reward from the cart with one click
  • Multi-tiered loyalty program, fully customizable, granting points or exclusive rewards
  • Integration with MailChimp, Klaviyo, Dotmailer, Bronto, and Hubspot
  • Monthly addition of new features

Pricing: free plan available

2. Bold Returns

Today the majority of shoppers, which participated in related surveys, stated that they are prepared to pay an additional fee for positive emotions when shopping.

This includes the general convenience upon returning the purchased products. Which is why this app, which provides for you, as a seller, considerable time-savings via email and ticket system, is so well-liked by users (one of the highest rated apps with glowing reviews).

Using Bold Returns Manager, customers can process the returns via the portal, which supports return tracking and also generates and send UPS shipping labels, which are printable. Here you can set up a system of custom rules, governing for you the length of time, for which the returns are possible, with the option of overriding any of them.

Bold Returns also provides a lot of useful info, letting you look at the whole scheme of ongoing returns in details, including the number of products approved for return and the types of returns (for credit, refund, or replacement).

Key features

  • Powerful client portal for order tracking and submitting returns
  • A flexible and customizable system of return policies
  • Support of policy overrides
  • Automatic generation of printable shipping labels

Pricing: 14-day free trial. $19.99/month

3. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

With this app, you get not just one, but three award programs at once. Loyalty Points Program, Referral Program, and VIP Program, which you can run separately or combine, to take UX to the whole new level and show you shoppers a whole new world with granting awards for a lot of things, starting with account registration and customer referrals and finishing with follow on social media.

With just a single click you can integrate Smile.io with other marketing tools, such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc. Built-in email notification system allows you to fine-tune the relationships with clients and urge them towards using the rewards and visiting your store.

If you’re prepared to expand your capabilities and pay a little extra, you’d be just overwhelmed with the provided services, such as VIP programs, award points expiry (urgency effect, hello there), customer segmentation, etc.

Last but not the least we liked that everything in this app is totally customizable and you can fully match the image of your brand with your reward program design.

Key features

  • Three programs with the option to use independently and in combos
  • Integration with Shopify POS
  • A lot of additional paid features
  • Integration with other marketing services and tools

Pricing: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply

4. Rewards and referrals by Swell

Doing something with a single click is always appealing and with this app, it’s the exact amount of effort needed for the creation of a very customizable loyalty program.

You can use it to awards points for all the activities in your store, from creating an account to reviewing products. This app, with its compelling design and rich choice of easy-to-use tools, can also be used as a referral program and email capturing service.

With Rewards and referrals, you can create a special page just for the campaign of your choice. You can start with $0 and try it for free before going ahead with a paid plan. Everything in this app is customizable, including the features for changing fonts, descriptions, images, and other elements to sync it with your brand, and it supports full integration with Shopify POS.

Key features

  • Ease of use
  • Generous free plan
  • Amazingly customizable

Pricing: Free plan available for up to 100 orders/month. Additional charges may apply

5. Stamped.io Reviews

This is another app, liked and used by such celebrities as Purple.com, Colgate.com, Hickies, SandCloud, Rhone, and Linjer, which is a reason in itself for considering adding that app to your marketing arsenal.

With Stamped.io Reviews you can design numerous specialized pages, improving UX tremendously, including branded review landing pages, ‘thank you’ pages, ‘groups of testimonials’ and ‘real-time experiences’ pages and making them all multi-lingual.

It does all the expected things as well, awarding for writing and sharing reviews with coupons and discounts and collecting reviews from various sources, such as Facebook, Aliexpress, Etsy, Klaviyo.

It fully integrates with almost anything, be it the social platform, Shopify app or analytical app (Slack, ZenDesk, etc.).

We very much fell in love with how active it is, since it reaches out to customers, encouraging them to share reviews in several stores, assigns scores to surveys and provides questions and answers feature. It stands out from the rest with numerous truly unique tools and services, such as the following.

Key features

  • Support of leaving reviews directly in the emails
  • Advanced email customization
  • Creation of Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
  • Smart Product Recommendations feature
  • Instant loaded reviews, increasing page speed
  • Support of quick view of product ratings, images, videos and buyer reviews in one place

Pricing: Free plan available

6. Judge.me Product Reviews

With Judge.me you can instantly start building up, or should we say piling up brick after brick of social proof until it can rival a Chinese wall thanks to the support of attaching photo and video reviews and unlimited user-generated-content.

Here you won’t see charging for every review request or peer-review basis. Your shoppers can leave photo review directly at the product page, which adds to the appeal of the products, and facilitates the process for customers. It allows you to leave a special ‘Verified’ plaque next to the reviews, further increasing the trust of visitors both in your brand and in that particular product’s quality.

The app also lets you import and expert reviews in Judge.me, and multi-lingual support makes for an impressive testimonial accompaniment to the usual photos on the product pages.

Another useful feature is a search service, which can help clients find Shopify products, using reviews as search criteria.

The complete list of features is just too long to include it here, but we’re sure that you’ll like automatic review requests, review carousels, and various features working on client engagement, like micro reviews after checkout, discount incentives, and product review groups.

Key features

  • Customizable widget for appealing review formatting
  • 100% customizable e-mails
  • ‘All reviews’ page
  • Integration with social media, marketing and search resources, other reward apps, Google Shopping, etc.

Pricing: Free plan available. $15/month

7. Yotpo: Reviews, Photos, Q&A

People do trust reviews and they are driven to purchasing by positive comments and testimonials. If they aren’t fake, that is. If a visitor sees just a few reviews in your store, he might assume that they’re not exactly genuine. That’s why many store owners like Yotpo.

It works with every resource worth mentioning, meaning Facebook, Instagram, and Google, collecting all feedback and building up social proof and trust. Collected testimonials can even be used in Google Ads.

This app makes working with reviews easy for store owners and clients alike. A user-friendly interface makes adding a comment, rating, photo, and questions from a mobile a matter of minutes and Consumer Insights tool makes processing reviews easy, supporting sorting negative reviews by size, quality, material, etc. into different groups.

With Yotpo you can share received positive feedback on social media with just one click, and another single click allows to review request emails and collect reviews.

On the whole, highly recommended for e-stores, which have to process a lot of orders daily, or e-commerce companies that are getting a lot of visitors but few actual buyers.

Key features

  • Support of reviews with photos
  • Reviews Widget, Reviews Tab & Star Ratings
  • Advanced moderation and commenting tools

Pricing: Free plan available

8. Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist, +

This app is a perfect tool to make your store a very social fellow, liked by everybody. Shoppers adore playing around with their social profiles and live feeds.

The app is fully customizable and you can sync it with a feel and look of your website. Social Login app enables shoppers to log in from any social media they have an account in, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, and Instagram, though there’s standard login as well. It automates a lot of things for you, from collecting reviews to sending customized emails to your shoppers based on their actions.

Instagram app allows you to choose the best photos, using #hashtags and @usernames, assign your product tags and show them in product galleries in your store.

It remembers about urgency effect and uses it very efficiently with relevant notifications, displaying recent purchases, latest reviews, an addition of products to wish lists, etc.  Another neat feature is automatic reminders about items in wishlist being on sale, back in stock, is getting close to sold out, etc.

Key features

  • Support of numerous social platforms
  • Highly customizable with a lot of apps to create a most effective combo
  • Instagram feed

Pricing: Free plan available

9. Subscriptions by ReCharge

This totally easy-to-use app (configuration takes only a couple of minutes) is one of the best methods of collecting subscription payments through Shopify and there’s a lot of them. Why it’s the best? Partly due to its extensive and reliable feature list.

ReCharge lets you create several subscription plans and custom workflows for the fulfillment of different subscription tasks, including exporting data from ReCharge to other platforms, automating marketing and fulfillment jobs and accessing access webhooks to connect all areas of your business in real time mode.

It is the only app that is directly integrated into Shopify Accounts and besides embedding account creation into checkout, it also enables clients to control their subscriptions directly from your e-store. It makes shoppers reluctant to cancel their purchasing by letting them control the update of delivery dates.

What else can it do? Clients will like an auto-delivery option, subscription boxes, and, of course, discounts. To put it shortly, this app makes setting up recurring payments a piece of cake.

Key features

  • Support of many Shopify apps, including Carthook Cart Abandonment, Checkout Funnel, Klaviyo, MailChimp, etc.
  • Gift subscriptions
  • Supports of credit card and PayPal

Pricing: 60-day free trial. $39.99/month. External charges may apply

10. Gift Cards, Loyalty & Rewards

This app allows people to buy something in your store as a gift. Nothing new here, eh? Well, not exactly. You don’t have to know the recipient size, location or even favorite color. The app will learn it for you, requesting all the needed info from that lucky recipient, and will ensure that the gift in the right size, the desired color will reach the exact address.

The app not only allows you to build amazing branded gift card program, but also provides for you the detailed statistics on your customers. With Gift Cards, Loyalty & Rewards your customers can offer branded gift cards and gift vouchers not only in online stores but in POSs as well.

This app offers to use gift cards as a kind of new currency, opening all kinds of opportunities for you. For example, you can use gift cards for rewarding and build any kind of campaigns around them. Or you can use them as a foundation of new sales channel and form new partnerships with resellers and marketplaces.

Last but not least, it’s a wonderful way to soothe dissatisfied customers. No wonder that such stars as Miami Heat, Red Cross, Kanye West, Chubbies & La Colombe use and love this app!

Key features

  • Support for an unlimited number of policies
  • Support of send gift cards in bulk
  • Instant gift delivery option

Pricing: 7-day free trial. $29.99/month

To conclude

Loyalty should be rewarded with generosity, don’t you think? If a shopper spends money in your establishment, why not say ‘thank you’ in monetized format? A little reward to strengthen loyalty can go a long way, starting from increasing client retention and finishing with the higher conversion.

We provided for you a list of apps, which deal with different facets of rewarding loyalty directly and on the whole making UX more enjoyable. Try any or all of them (after all, it does not hurt to try free thing) and show your customers that you care and appreciate their frequenting your store. You’ll get a reward as well, seeing new impressed customers besides old friends.

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