4 Best Dark Shopify Themes

Usage of dark colors and their shades in user interfaces was and still is a topic of many heated discussions. It is not surprising that these disputes do not lose their relevance: the choice of a suitable color scheme plays a vital role in the performance of all software products, being a factor capable of empowering or killing the success of design and functionality on the whole.

A lot of compliments can be paid to either of choices, but one thing can’t be argued, though, namely a definite presence of a niche for e-stores themes in dark colors catering to the audience who prefers this kind of visuals. Apple made the dark theme the default and so did Youtube, which shows that a lot of people lean towards darker and more unconventional beauty. Let’s look a bit deeper into why so many people prefer night over day, so to speak.

The dark theme makes icons of various tools and services clearly seen only when they are really needed, and the rest of the time they are displayed in more muted colors in the background. This way the focus shifts to the main content area, where used objects and design elements are located. At the same time the dark theme does not exactly ‘hide’ necessary functionality from users, but rather creates a more soothing mode, which is gentle on the eyes and brains.

The dark theme enhances the contrast ratio and visibility. It’s like the big painting done with oil colors on the canvas: the dark background ‘collects’ all the elements and enable better focus in the center. Our brains often perceive more efficiently light objects with borders on the dark background. Simply put, if you select a dark background and place the product in the center, the user’s attention will be inevitably concentrated on it.

The depth of the dark background is a great platform for such media content as video, banners, charts, photos and illustrations. If there’s a lot of visual elements on the page, the usage of dark background significantly expands the possibilities for the designer.

We also shouldn’t brush off the psychology of color. Contrast and readability are very important, but we must remember that color itself is a message. Dark colors are usually associated with elegance and mystery, and in our minds black is also tied with such concepts as prestige, wealth and influence. This is the reason, why so many prominent brands often use dark tones in their advertisements.

Dark-colored design can make the page more emotional, and therefore benefit the product presentation. The jury of the Awwwards competition, which marks the best works of designers and developers, constantly expands its selection of sites with dark themes, where dark background looks impressive without compromising readability.

Last but not the least, dark-colored color schemes are enjoying the spotlight at the moment. Minimalism is already reigning supreme in the world of software, redefining the habitual mechanics of perception. It makes the content more dominant in comparison with the interface and enforces the use of an acceptable minimum of functional elements. Properly implemented minimalism makes the program easier and more comfortable in everyday use.

Taking into account all said above, we’ve chosen for you four best dark Shopify themes for your e-store, that will attire your website to be the belle of the ball. Black never goes out of style and we’ll prove it to you!

1. Gravity

Creating a new e-store shouldn’t require an advanced developer or a gifted artist. New entrepreneurs rarely have at their disposal know-hows, necessary for tweaking the finer points of site architecture, fine-tuning the code or making the most of play of lights and shadows to maximize the potential of commercial website. Though it’s mainly a preconceived notion, it’s probably the chief reason why, despite all the advantages and personal preferences, people shy away from dark themes and there’re so few offers on the market. And that’s where Shopify and we come in.

Our Gravity theme, with not one but two dark styles, offers powerful and appealing solution to provide the great UX. Gravity is packed with useful and easy-to-use advanced features to help you create the store, which will get you to the success, whether you are selling multiple products or just one. You can set up your homepage in myriads of way, it’s that customizable.

Support of sections offers the way to easily showcase your best and most eye-catching products or get the most out of upsell strategy, fixed header and multi-level dropdown menus make navigation easy and obvious, attractive call to actions sections, YouTube video sections, which can be placed anywhere, and image zoom provide the means for creating both attractive and instantly noticeable amazing offers and promo campaigns. Slide-out cart, mobile-first design and support of parallax effects confirm that Gravity is up to any design challenge you can think of.


  • Ease of use
  • Creative layout, maximizing the visuals impact without sacrificing readability
  • SEO optimization
  • Compliance with all the design trends, including Instagram widget and slide-out cart
  • Two dark styles (Interstellar and Stardust) offering both laconic and stunning presentation approaches

Pricing: $180

2. Pipeline

Pipeline is a perfect example of what in the modern world of design is considered progressive. It’s minimalistic, efficient and not overbearing. Built mainly for large catalogs, it boasts multi-column menu, drop-down navigation support, modular-style home page and many other useful features, which makes it perfect for selling clothes or similar products.

Merchants with a large assortments of goods would love the option of breaking down the content on the broad full-width pages, creating a circumspect presentation. If you want to try for a more creative showcasing, Pipeline obligingly offers module homepages, made of several sections and areas. That provides an eye-catching appearance for the landing page, that is sure to attract many visitors.

The design has been optimized for displaying large images, so use it to display high-quality photos of best features your products to convert visitors into buyers quickly and irreversibly. It comes in three styles (Light, Bright and Dark).


  • Ease of maintenance (available and easy to understand useful code changes on the support page)
  • Full Instagram feed insert with support of embedding in real time
  • Video player module (perfect for displaying footage from promotional content)

Pricing: $140

3. Kingdom

Fashion website must be embodiment of style and class while at the same time showcasing all the best visuals. The fashion world can hardly be called amiable and remembering that vogue is volatile by its very nature, the design of such site must be extremely flexible. The main postulate of design in this case: prevent the domination of the interior over the presented products.

In other words, customers should shop and not admire the luxurious surroundings. In order not to resemble a museum, all merchants dealing with such items as clothing, electronics, cosmetics, accessories, etc. should adapt simple and minimalistic approach, marry it to the impeccable service and hire an impressive council. Kingdom brilliantly fits the bill, and the ambitious names of its styles (King, Queen and Prince) not only hint at the royal treatment of any visitors but delivers.

This responsive theme with an engaging layout is fully optimized for product photography. It has everything you need to make a presentation of your product as breathtaking as possible from a complex sidebar navigation and grid collections with large thumbnails to unique galleries and product pages. It’s lightning quick as proves the great results: Kingdom scores over 90% in all speed tests.

The slideshow with video allows you to show off your galleries, products or blog posts in a sleek and elegant presentation, making sure your customers see the best features of your offers not as static images but ‘alive’ in all their glory. Product image zoom and support of a dedicated galleries for single product allow to bring each customer closer to your offers without slowing your site.


  • Single product galleries
  • Mobile-friendly design

Pricing: $180

4. Editions

Simple does not equal primitive. Little does not implies incomprehensible. Brevity can express much. Free space and emptiness are two different things. Any of these formulae can be used as a motto of a very trendy occurrence in design which offer much to e-traders with an artistic sense of style. Yes, you nailed it, we are talking about minimalism.

When designers speak of minimalism they mention several traits, that a good minimalistic site should possess: simplicity, clarity, strongly-pronounced visual hierarchy, a lot of free space, emphasis on typography and dismissal of non-functional decorative elements.

If you think that your store should benefit from adapting this approach, then Editions is your new best friend, because it has it all and more. The clean and clear design redefines the word ‘simplicity’ and keep the focus on your products. Soft color palette adds chic and efficiency to the general look and multiple product page layouts give a fantastic opportunity for achieving the best UX possible.

It comes in light and dark versions and includes an amazingly customizable navigation framework, which includes neat ‘featured products’ area on the homepage. If you want to make your site look sharp and professional, use this fabulous theme with a beautiful layout that will highlight your products and give plenty of flexibility for personalization.


  • Advanced product filtering
  • Multi-level dropdown menu
  • Continuous scrolling between product pages

Pricing: $180


Theater is filled with public impatiently awaiting the grand entrance of leading stars. Lights are out, and they stay that way. Curtains are slowly lifted, darkness envelops the scene and only beautiful…product images start shining brilliantly from the midnight darkness of background, becoming more beautiful for it. Enter the dark themes ensemble!

All these themes are hypermodern, clean-cut and invariably elegant. They will suit your aesthetic needs with little effort on your parts, since they are very easy to install and manage. They all boast responsiveness, that ensures that your website will be enjoyed by all visitors and shoppers with no compatibility issues.

Retina-ready and attractive, these themes look gorgeous and feel professional and polished. Try any of those and you’ll be convinced that dark background can be powerful tool of creating visual appeal and granting the broad field of using contrast and support of the visual hierarchy. Just like a cosmetic surgeon it can give a shot of style, elegance and prestigious look to your store appearance.

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