4 Best Shopify Themes for One-Page Stores

There are many rules and principles of web design that promise as the end result an awesome looking site, an e-store with the conversion higher than the stars, a page for the promotional campaign that will transform all visitors into faithful disciples of your cause, a miraculous AI website that will do all automatically for you from reminding your shoppers about everything to notifying all your customers about new offers. That may be confusing, to say the least, especially for entrepreneurs who just plan to dip their toes into tumultuous waves of e-commerce ocean.

However, for e-merchants, who think about creating a one-page store, the need to pack all this into one page can induce the true horror. Do you remember the feeling just before some especially difficult exam or a test? That dreadful little voice, that’s kept whispering that you’ll surely fail because there’s no chance, none at all, to memorize even half of what you’re supposed to know as a back of your hand?

Well, don’t try to squash that anxiety-generator like a bug, but rather ignore it. Because it’s both wrong and right.

The truth is that you don’t need many features that are must-haves for multi-page stores. To confirm that, try to imagine exactly what you want to see on your website. Create in your mind, on the paper or on your PC a rough sketch of your site, including all the elements you’ll need and the information that should be displayed.

To help you along, let’s look at your store from a different point of views. What would a developer say? ‘One-page store? Keep it simple. You can add a few interesting effects, not too many though. Everything should be more than straight-forward, it must be obvious’.

Content editor rarely agrees completely with the developer, but here they would present a united front: ‘I like a simple form for that. Great text, good pictures, maybe some video’.

A marketer would remind everyone that a landing page must motivate to perform a certain action in a very short period of time or, simply put, act ‘here and right away’.

See? A one-page approach can be working, making your store effective, popular and profitable. IF you treat the design not as an art, but rather like an exact science. Yours must be a conversion-oriented design, focused on attracting the visitors, informing them about the product, stimulating the purchase and selling.

Remember, you have only one page for communicating with customers and this space should be used as efficiently as possible. Use Michelangelo as your role-model and ‘just chip away everything that doesn’t look like’ an ideal site. However, remembering the principle ‘anything could be done perfectly if you have the know-how or have a friend who does’ we propose to delegate some of the weight on your shoulders to a helper.

Four Shopify themes would free your hands from lots of tedious and technical tasks since they’re all perfectly suited to be used as a foundation for your one-page store. Concentrate on the content and save time, nerves and money.

1. Rocket

The one-page e-store is, perhaps, one of the best venues for the presentation of any single product that you want to show off to its best advantage. To make the most of it you need briefly, but not sparing important details, speak about all its advantages, and be sufficiently convincing to convert a visitor into paying customers using a very limited arsenal.

A perfect specimen of the single-page shop should meet the following requirements: information must be structured and multi-leveled, visuals must be bold and attractive without aggravating the eyes, testimonials and reviews must be present, navigation is ought to be very clear, and it should have an attention grabber.

Rocket has all that and more! Clean and simple design leads visitors straight to the point – introduces detailed features of their product. Rocket is a super friendly theme, extremely easy to customize, and integrated Twitter and Instagram widgets make the reach to the most popular social media channels a breeze.

3-level dropdown menus, call to action sections and FAQ section ensure the ease of navigation. Youtube section, support of mesmerizing parallax effects and color swatches offer a broad field for the artistic side of you to spread wings and make your site stand out from the rest with unique touches. Mobile-first design will gear you for the audience, which currently spends about 25% of their time on mobile devices.

Rocket comes with two styles to try your hand at, Landing and Launch, providing the choice between emphasis on the readability and focus on the photography.

Strong points

  • Everything is optimized for single-product stores
  • Sticky header
  • Multi-level drop-down menu
  • Responsive

Pricing: $180

2. Maker

Maker is a minimalistic style theme that was designed for stores that deal with smaller quantities of products. A very brand-oriented template that features a clean and elegant design.

Colors are sweet on the retina, but as with all Shopify themes, you can use the editor to adjust it any way you like best. An abundance of visual appeal makes this a good theme for sellers of clothing, food, and accessories.

Want to make your store look professional as well as beautiful? No problem. Maker is responsive and employs multi-level navigation and collection page layout to make it user-convenient without being too simplistic. Smart social sharing and mail chimp integration ensure compliance with latest web design trends.

Maker is doing the collecting of visitors emails the smart way — subscription opt-in box is displayed at the bottom of the screen and does not divert the attention of visitors from product browsing and purchasing.

Maker comes with three theme styles: Books, Fashion and Food, allowing you to investigate what would be the best fit for your store. Each of these styles is gorgeous enough to help inspire you and explore the creativity that your product deserves.

Strong points

  • Homepage video
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Editorial-style layout

Pricing: $160

3. Startup

Flexible and responsive, good looking and easy for users to navigate. Startup theme is yet another good example of what made minimalist style trendy. ‘Less is more’ has never rung so true since without being cluttered with tons of features. This theme offers everything you need to showcase your small range of goods impressively and efficiently.

Display all your products at one page, choosing from multiple product page layouts. Give a really convincing description of your product with the help of customizable icon and text tiles, while displaying all good facets of it, and look great at all devices, from smartphones to desktops.

What’s easier or more pleasing than looking at a nice picture? Looking at several high-quality pictures! Optimized for both small catalogs and large images, Startup allows you to capitalize on the ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ principle and not just please your visitors, but also decrease the bounce rate. Establishing trust with your clients is crucial, and theme offers several ways to strengthen the tie, including support of connecting the Instagram account.

Comes with four styles (Home, Tech, Cloth, and Art) for you to play around until you find the look that’s completely in tune with your offers.

Strong points

  • Modular layout
  • Homepage video
  • Wide layout
  • Customer testimonials

Pricing: $180

4. Launch

Launch is our another top pick among other Shopify themes, designed mainly for crowdfunding. It is visually appealing, user-friendly, has a lot of useful features. It was created in the same style as Kickstarter which is the biggest fish in creative projects fundraising.

At the same time Launch could be the best choice to launch your next online store with Shopify. If you plan to sell one product or a small range of them. Multiple professional looking styles (Cool, Fresh and Bold) free you from worrying about the design. Everything in Launch is centered on the showcasing a single product, from customizable color gradient and home page video to modular-style homepage with long-format.

Strong points

  • Optimized for a crowdfunding campaign
  • Uniquely designed ‘About’ page
  • Customizable full-width modules

Pricing: $180


Why are one-page stores becoming more and more popular these days? It’s simplicity. It doesn’t get much easier than offering a visitor everything he needs on a single page. No need to look for various navigation links, just scroll, and the growing popularity of the mobiles has made scrolling for people almost automatic.

Most one-page stores are mobile-friendly and they tend to look as good on smartphones and tablets as they do on the desktops. They also provide a higher conversion rate and maintenance of one page, no matter how sophisticated, beats multi-page counterparts in the ease department without failures.

All four themes in our list remember that your visitors are human, can be impatient and lazy, and like to get to what they need as quickly and conveniently as possible. That’s why their refreshingly simple design would make conveying why they need to buy from you’re a piece of cake. Try any of these and you’ll see why this layout is gaining momentum in the design world!

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