8 Best Alternatives to Oberlo

Where is the Holy Grail that can help you to become a dropshipping millionaire in the shortest time possible? This eternal question is still open and numerous paths lead to a financial Olympus. Some merchants are all in favor of frontal assaults, and some think that anything different from ‘slow and sure wins the race’ approach is too risky to consider.

In recent years, the dropshipping has not undergone truly significant changes. It is still possible to start up with minimal funds and the risks are still low. That doesn’t mean stagnation, because the competition in dropship has grown dramatically which means that any mistake, no matter how small, can become a serious obstacle and any advantage, that is working and efficient, should be valued and held in high regard. One of the first things that come to mind, both presenting plenty of difficulties, as well as offering legion of opportunities, is finding what to sell and where to get it.

Dropshipping, when done properly, is amazingly easy, but looking for suppliers, contacting them, searching for attractive prices and updating products on your website can be cumbersome, to say the least. That’s why many call Oberlo a dropshipper’s dream.

What does it do and why it’s so popular? This Shopify dropshipping app allows you within minutes to import thousands of products to your store and then sell them directly to your shoppers. Oberlo has a number of useful features, facilitating and streamlining all parts of a store owner journey, that related to working with products, from setting up of your store to the launch and beyond. Instant and easy import from Aliexpress, a well-thought-out interface for managing products, many product customization options are just a few advantages of the general nature. Oberlo also automates a lot of tedious tasks for you, including fulfillment of orders and updating prices and inventory. It makes sales and shipments tracking a breeze.

However, the reason why so many people name Oberlo ‘the best dropshipping app ever’ is the trustworthiness they provide, with the suppliers, are chosen and checked by their team. All this translated into huge time-, nerves- and effort-savings for you.

There’s nothing inherently bad about Oberlo, but being the most popular resource it means that a lot of e-traders use it at the same time and offer the same products at similar prices in their stores. To successfully compete with other e-stores you need to offer something that your target audience likes, at the prices of ‘yay, good bargain’ level and shipping, and delivery must be deemed acceptable. Which is not easy to achieve if you and your rivals hang out at the same marketplace.

Perhaps you also don’t like the future when you’ll be limited only to Aliexpress. Or maybe you just like to have a choice and want to start unlike the rest of the crowd, with perhaps not the most overcrowded resource. Which means you need something, that can fill the gap for Oberlo.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you 8 other venues to pursue and they’re all worthy of at least checking out. Let’s do just that and review these Shopify apps, bearing in mind that it’s not a ranking and all of them deserve your attention for this or that reason.

1. Spocket

Spocket is a highly rated app and many people name it ‘an excellent alternative to Oberlo’. Several claims that Spocket is more advanced than Oberlo in terms of the quality of suppliers. They’re not far from the truth since most of Spocket’s suppliers come from Europe and the US, so if you’re located in those countries, we’d recommend giving it a try, because the shipping would be way faster for you and on the whole easier and more reliable.

Spocket is truly exceptional in three aspects, the first one being the pricing. The average discount for merchants is mind-blowing 30-60%, which means great margins for you. The second advantage is the addition of your company branding to all receipts and invoices, which is not as good as the logo on the packaging, but still creates a positive impression.

Spocket even allows you to order sample products, so you can judge not only the shipping speed but also the quality of any product and customize the description, photos, and pricing according to your own impressions. Technically it’s also deserves nothing but praise, with automated update of inventory, one click fulfillment of orders and such.

If you’re choosing a more upscale venue and go for high-quality products, by all means, get Spocket and earn glowing reviews, happy purchasers, and returning customers.

Main features

  • Vetted US/EU suppliers, new ones are added daily
  • Huge selection of the products
  • Short shipping times, sometimes 2-5 business days

Pricing: free plan available. Additional charges may apply

2. Modalyst

In many regards, Modalyst is big enough to be called a suite of retail solutions in one place, not just a single app. Regarding the suppliers, it tends to work with best of the best and goes for such prominent brands as Calvin Klein and Puma. Though the prices are way higher than what you’d find with the usual range of Asian suppliers, just spend some time on research and you’ll find that there’re many opportunities with good margins.

You can sell with Modalyst a huge range of goods, including men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, bags, bridal wear, children’s clothes, plus-sized clothing, homewares, beauty products, and accessories, to name just some.

It integrates directly with Shopify store, which means you can add products with just one click. It also provides the features for managing orders and tracking inventory. What else? It automatically updates changes in prices, notifies about inventory levels and provides data feeds in real time mode. All in all, a truly exceptional app with a good-looking intuitive interface.

Main features

  • No upfront inventory costs
  • No minimum orders
  • Order tracking for all products
  • Huge selection of products

Pricing: free plan available. Additional charges may apply

3. ProductPro

Many users would nominate this one for the proud title of the best dropshipping app. They like this excellent app for ignoring Asian suppliers and dealing only with US-based companies. The reason is focusing on the quality since all participants of a large network of their trusted suppliers are noted for the prime quality of their goods. They offer products from a multitude of categories which include apparel, jewelry, home goods, consumer electronics and more.

Here we mean multitude literally since with ProductPro you can browse over 50,000 products, all of them top-notch, which still can offer good margins. The suppliers are also all verified for fulfillment times. It even offers internal messenger where you can talk with suppliers and clarify some arising issue with them or just inquire about the product line or fulfillment time.

It’s fairly easy to use the app, offering automated fulfillment with quick turnaround, simple product selection and automated management and payment processing options. If you, like true blue blood among other dropshipping brethren, think that sourcing products from overseas that are low-quality are not a good business model, ProductPro is your cup of tea indeed.

Main features

  • Ease of use
  • Guaranteed quality of products
  • A network of trusted suppliers
  • Competitive manufacturer prices

Pricing: free plan available. External charges may apply

4. Aliexpress UniteXpres Dropship

UniteXpress is a great application that makes finding and managing your products a fast and easy task. It’s deservedly well-liked because it allows you to instantly import products from AliExpress, which a lot of people still see as the best place to look for suppliers (at least initially), directly to your Shopify store.

It also puts you in control in regards to the presentation of the product, letting you edit your products in almost any way you can think of, from changing titles and descriptions to modifying prices. It makes it easy too, supporting pricing automation, which means you can create a pricing rule and set the pricing for the bunch of products (ta-da, more nice time savings).

Besides all that, it does a lot more, including fulfilling orders automatically, tracking shipments, automatically updating inventories, filtering products with ePacket… All in all, a hard-working fellow, trying to please you at every turn.

Main features

  • Ease of use
  • Nice design
  • A lot of automation features
  • Dashboard to manage all orders with one click

Pricing: free plan available. Pro plan $27.97/month

5. Importify

Get Importify and start import best-selling products with ease, automate your fulfillment needs, and all with a single click! Catchy slogan, huh? Well, it lives up to it.

Importify starts demonstrating how user-friendly it is right as soon as you start using it. Importing products from multiple platforms and automating the fulfillment process are both simple and quick. To import a product, all you have to do is to visit the wholesaler website, use Importify Chrome extension to find the best products, and click ‘Add’ button on the products you’d like to sell in your store.

If you want you can further edit the product’s information before the import, including images, title, and/or description in little to no time at all. All the supported automation features would come very handy, since Importify supports working with the biggest wholesalers and eCommerce platforms including Compatible with the biggest wholesalers and eCommerce platforms: Ali express, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Chinabrands, Banggood, Dhgate, Walmart, Wish, 1688, Rakuten, Gearbest, Lightinthebox, Miniinthebox, Dropinthebox, Taobao… ‘I can work with all of them’, you ask us? Pah, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’re many more.

Main features

  • Ease of use
  • Vast choice of suppliers
  • A lot of customization options thanks to built-in editor

Pricing: 1-day free trial. From $14.95/month

6. Aliexpress Dropshipping

Starting a dropshipping business with Aliexpress is a great first step into entrepreneurship. Starting it with Aliexpress Dropshipping app is even better, though we think experienced players would also like many things about this app. It does everything a good, well-behaved and industrious dropshipping app is supposed to do, and everything is optimized to make your dropshipping run smoothly and obstacle-free.

Searching for AliExpress products is easier than ever, thanks to the support of different types of filters within the application, which makes the whole process a matter of few minutes. The imported items are ready to sell right away. Daily updates of the imported items prices can be activated or canceled, whichever you think the best at the moment.

Chrome extension allows you to import stuff from AliExpress without interrupting the browsing process with a single click. You can also use this extension to edit all information about the product, including images, title, description, and prices. ‘Auto updating inventory’ and ‘Automate pricing’ features confirm this app as a sturdy foundation for your business.

Main features

  • Support of various coordinated filters
  • Auto-updating
  • Pricing automation

Pricing: 7-day free trial. From $5/month

7. Dropified

In regards to offered features, options and services, Dropified is so accommodating that it can be a little overwhelming at first, but immensely pleasing after sorting it out. You can beat Dropified one-click orders fulfillment and ease of changing vendors and assigning them to your products. You can even upload many products in bulk with one click straight to multiple product pages and that’s not even the best part.

The cherry on the cake is that all the necessary details like product descriptions, images and reviews will be imported to your store in just one click too! We dare to call this app an automation tool that takes time-consuming tedious tasks and transforms them into autopilot processes. Why? Well, it helps you scale your business, fulfills orders easily, adds products right to your store and helps you do the product research. Oh, and it even automatically populates all of the prices based on the markup of your choice and requirements. One word — awesome!

As to the suppliers, it is a huge platform and supports a rich choice of dropshipping sources: AliExpress, AliBaba, ShineOn, Amazon (.com .co.uk, .de, .fr), eBay (.com .co.uk), Tmart, SammyDress, DHGate, Wish, Walmart, Etsy, Costco along with many others in a row (the complete list is simply too long to include here).

Main features

  • Adding products with one click
  • Option to manage multiple stores
  • Products boards for adding and organizing according to niches
  • Multi-platform integration
  • Order fulfillment monitoring

Pricing: 14-day free trial. From $47/month

8. Spreadr App – Amazon Importer

Spreadr takes a non-standard approach to dropshipping by offering you the choice of either actual dropshipping or earning from affiliating after linking you directly to Amazon. It provides a useful import tool, which can be used for searching what’s popular on Amazon and adding it to your store, making the whole process a matter of minutes or less.

Very nice option, if you already have a viable selection of goods in your shop, since with Spreadr you can choose from over a million products to add to your product catalog and complement what you already offer. Improving your offers with the additions, that are completely aligned with your brand, will make your store look more impressive, reliable and, well, bigger.

It would also allow you to broaden your target audience and monetize your influence, turning it into profits. With Spreadr you don’t just get a commission on selling the products but also receive $$$ on all products visitors to click on or purchase when they come to your store.

Technically it can’t be faulted either, offering such features, as ‘One-click upload’, ‘Customize product descriptions’, ‘Enable auto-sync’ and ‘Bulk import’, making it a quick and easy way to implement dropshipping with Amazon.

Main features

  • Chance to earn money through affiliate income
  • Additional commission revenue
  • Seamless look and versatility in customizing

Pricing: 7-day free trial. From $5/month


When do we turn to Shopify? When we need to optimize and enhance our stores and oh boy, do they live up to the task? Over 1400 apps of every kind are there, and more than half of them are free, which means they have apps that offer something for everyone’s needs. These tools can save you time, money and efforts by freeing up endless hours, allowing you to focus on the other tasks, which can’t be automated and require your savvy touch.

All of these apps besides time economy provide you with the opportunity to easily find trustworthy suppliers with reasonable prices quick. For us, it is just how the dropshipping business model should work.

Which app to choose? Try any or all of them, it won’t cost anything in terms of money, they all offer a free trial. We hope that you’ll be able to find the one, that would allow you to sell with ease, profit and a smile of satisfaction!

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