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What’s new in Universe 2.0?

Mega Menu and why you want it

The fact that people feel most comfortable when everything around them is arranged in groups is not exactly hot news. According to the psychologists, if categorizing something is difficult, it makes us immensely dislike this something. What are news and a big one at that, is how much Mega Menu can level up shopping experience for your customers.

First let’s look at what our Mega Menu can do for you, as an owner and very often a designer of the online store. Happily say goodbye to the tedious process of creating multiple drop-down menus one by one in your admin panel. You can also leave in the past the hassle of making many identically named menus and filling them up. Now you can arrange and view all your categories and menus at the same time. Mega Menu also lets you reorganize menu items and drag and drop them in any preferred hierarchy. In a few words, you could improve your store structure and reap all the advantages of nested navigation without any coding.

Despite its sophistication, Mega Menu is extremely easy to configure. You can create several Mega menus, if your store’s product assortment is large and would benefit from having more than one. Very useful if you sell, for instance, several kinds of sports equipment and clothing for active outdoors.

As to your clients, they would undoubtedly appreciate the chance to grasp the gist of your most tempting offers at a glance and smooth path to the products that piqued their interest.

Another opportunity that Mega Menu offers is presenting your sale or marketing campaign in a well-structured and appealing way, where rich-content portions are impressively easy on the eye. Bring your best offers and deals upfront with Universe Mega Menu and boost your sales.

Cookie Consent Bar

Compliance with GDPR requirements is a serious business since under the European Union law every company must ensure the adherence to its regulations or face hideous fine, that can amount to 4% of total annual revenue or maximum of €20 million. Universe theme lets you become GDPR compliant in one click.

It’s quick and simple to set up and forget about. All you have to do is click a mouse twice and clean and attractive Cookie bar will make your site totally legal in regards to GDPR. This is an important aspect of running an online store, which is usually handled with third-party apps (not all of which are free). Now you have another confirmation that Universe theme is a truly all-inclusive package for both starting and experienced entrepreneurs.

‘Coming soon’ template

While you’re still working on preparing your store for the grand debut, you’re probably busy mostly with promotional activities: designing and printing business cards, establishing your presence on social media, networking and doing a million of other things for building up an awareness of your new establishment. ‘Coming soon’ template (password page) will start telling folks about your site in advance and point the way, so when you’ll open your customers will know exactly where to find you. This page will provide for your potential first visitors a preview at what’s coming and will enable them to form an impression even before the unveiling will happen.

Besides fittingly hiding your work in progress from curious eyes, ‘Coming soon’ page can also work on collecting emails of your potential clients — just offer the subscribers a discount. Use this effective lead generation tool to build an early audience even before the launch.

Quick add to cart button

Worth of ‘Quick add to cart’ feature must not be understated and merits its own attention. Striving to comply with your wishes, we added this button which would simplify the shopping experience and enable the opportunity for rapid ordering. Eliminating the need to stop browsing and going onto another page for adding a product to the shopping cart will bring your store several advantages:

  • Streamlining the shopping process for online store owners selling a lot of products, many of which ‘one-of-a-kind’ type (unique pieces of jewelry, highly specialized gadgets, etc.)
  • Removing the distracting factor, which otherwise might revert the customer from going on with the browsing.
  • It adds to the overall style and class of your store and puts it on par with the most prominent e-commerce businesses.

Animated Icons Support

Any business is like a shark in the respect that it must move forward or die. Today for your online store to succeed you need a killer marketing, preferably one which doesn’t cost an arm and leg. When you’re asking, we’re delivering. Bearing in mind the wide-known fact that a moving object grabs attention much faster than a static one, we added to Universe the support of our animated icons. Now, you can easily add beautiful lightweight animated icons on the pages of your store.

Any animation helps bring the idea to life, be it crowdfunding campaign or an annual sale of maternity dresses, and our icons can be used for any of these tasks and anything in-between.

Our animated icons are SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and are much superior to traditional PNG ones. Comparing to GIF, SVG-icons offer several advantages, including quicker loading times and better rendering quality. Moreover, we eliminated the main issue which in the past stopped people from using GIFs – our icons will look pretty on any browser and can be scaled to any screen size without increasing the weight.

You can purchase animated icons in our Graphics Store.

Shopify Product Recommendations

With this feature, you can at once boost your sales, sell more products and strengthen customer loyalty. Powered by AI algorithm, developed by Shopify, it doesn’t just recommend similar products. It’s so intelligent that you might call it your online sales rep, who even can track your performance in real-time mode. With this new feature, you can display related items and other personalized recommendations regarding your products, cart, collections, search pages, etc. AI-powered technology has made possible gathering and analyzing clickstream behavior of your customers including the products viewed/bought, categories, collections, sizes, colors, materials. Universe is one of the first themes on the market, which offers this highly useful feature for you to enable a personalized experience for your shoppers.

Three styles and three demos

Choosing the right style for your store is a serious matter since it directly affects that awfully important first glance which often makes or breaks the conversion of a visitor into a paying customer. We all know that making an online store is relatively easy but selling isn’t. No matter how hot and low-priced your product is, finding the exactly right setting for your gem of a store is a must. That’s why we decided to expand the number of styles in Universe and added a new style, Jupiter.

That’s not all!

Just like flying in the open space, Universe welcomes your entrance in the galactic of limitless possibilities. Above we’ve outlined the most major and asked-for changes, but you can see the whole list here.


With Universe, your capability to build a magnificent website and design it to perfection is a given. Fast and light, it’s still powerful enough to create almost any type of online store you’re capable of dreaming. Thanks to its mighty functionality coupled with a mountain-high level of customizability, you can configure every inch of your site, while being able to enjoy limitless control of your in-page and global design elements.

Whether you have in mind a smooth and sleek store done in urban style or a happy place, bursting at the scenes with creative design elements, Universe will faultlessly turn your vision into a stunning reality. Some entrepreneurs might find Universe a bit overwhelming, not regarding the difficulty of use (which it certainly does not have), but in terms of its impressive arsenal of features, styles and design elements.

All in all, a wise choice for companies or individuals who feel the need to build a supreme website.

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