Design Feedback: Alpaca Illustration

Design Feedback is a new section of Outlane Now, where we will review designs that you send to us. This should be helpful for young designers that are just starting out and need some guidance or advice.

Alpaca Illustration

Today’s illustration is Alpaca illustration by Fauzan Rafhy:


Also take a look at the line art version:

Alpaca line art

What to improve

The illustration is high quality and polished, I really like the minimalistic style with straight lines, right angles and tough bounded palette. Also this lettering is so cool and perfectly suit the overall style. Awesome work!

Anyway, I have some thoughts on how to improve this shot. The main thing in my opinion is the Alpaca’s face. It should be recognizable on the first glance, but after a few minutes of viewing I’m still not sure is it eyebrows and huge nose or a smiling mouth with a long tongue?

I really like that the fence on the background doesn’t have a stroke and has a soft color, it helps to pop up the main objects though. I think the background could be a little bit more interesting than just a fence, maybe some grass, bushes or even a village silhouette. Also, I’m not sure that yellow is the best choice for back spot on the grey background.

And a couple minor suggestions:
ground line on the left is interrupted and looks a little bit strange, maybe it’s better to finish it like on the right side.
the small details on the nose(?) look quite out of style because it’s the only place where where such a small detail is applied.

I think that’s all for now, awesome design Fauzan, keep it up!

Check out Fauzan’s portfolio, he does not only illustrations but graphic designs and branding as well. Thank you Fauzan for submitting your design, I hope my thoughts will help to make your illustrations even better.

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