Design Feedback: Portal Illustration

Design Feedback is a new section of Outlane Now, where we will review designs that you send to us. This should be helpful for young designers that are just starting out and need some guidance or advice.

Portal Illustration

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on ‘Portal’ illustration by Batzorig Tsergiinhuu.

What to improve

The shape of the portal itself is alright and looks futuristic, though overall idea is hard to percept. Is this a portal to the world in the background or is it a portal to a brand new world that we don’t see? I guess it would be more obvious if the world behind the portal would be more inviting and attractive making a user wanna go inside.

You have 3 levels of depth here and each is done in a different style. Usually, it’s super hard to successfully align 3 styles in one illustration, I would suggest to lower down the style difference between the layers.

The outline stroke and fill colors should have more contrast with the background color, so it will be easier to read the shapes of the objects.

Useful references

Here are the illustrations that have a great contrast, easy to read and look integral:


Fantastic Planet

Red Planet

Check out Batzorig’s portfolio, I like that he is trying and combining different styles, that’s a very effective way to learn and find your own style. Thank you Batzorig for submitting your design, I hope this article was helpful.

It’s my personal thoughts, I’d like to know what you think in the comments below.

Let’s cooperate, submit your design to get a feedback!

Batzorig Tsergiinkhuu
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