Featured Designer: Jetpacks and Rollerskates

Hello there! Today’s featured designer is Blake Stevenson, also known as Jetpacks and Rollerskates.

Who is Blake Stevenson

Blake is a graphic designer and illustrator living in southern Ontario, Canada. Also, he creates comics as CNET’s Low Latency and Domestic Yeti and Friends. A lot of skulls, monsters and funny characters made in easy recognizable comic style are the Blake’s calling card.

My favorite shots

I follow Jetpacks and Rollerskates’s works for one year and here are my favorite illustrations:

Boombox Ghosts


Monster playing video games


Jetpacks and Rollerskates on the web

You can check out Blake’s personal website and find him on Dribbble and Twitter.

Want to get featured? Drop me a line with a link to your portfolio in comments!

Jetpacks and Rollerskates
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