Featured Designer: Markus Magnusson

Hey guys! Today’s guest is Markus Magnusson – an incredible talented freelance illustrator and motion designer!

Who is Markus Magnusson

Markus is a graphic desinger, illustrator and animator living in Kiev, Ukraine. He mostly creates fun and dynamic animations in unique style with juicy colors.

My favorite shots

I’m a huge fun of Markus animations. Here are my favorite things:

Krue reaction 🤘

The animation is hilarious! This cute rockstar was created for Markus’s patreon page. if you’re interested in the animation process and want to know some useful tips & tricks or maybe just want to support Markus, here is the link.

Kick Push

Haha! When I saw this animation for the first time I couldn’t take my eyes off! So fun and professional at the same time.


This one is a perfect example of how a simple fake 3d effect can look spectacular when it was made in the right way.


This hypnotizing animation is the most successful Markus’s shot on his dribbble page, more then 200k views and 6500 likes! It’s so hard to stop staring on this one, right? 😄

Google Doodles - Halloween 2014

This fun animation was created for Google Doodles on Halloween in 2014. It was 4 years ago, but it still one of my favorites!

Markus Magnusson on the web

You can check out his personal website and find him on Dribbble, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re an animator or want to be an animator, you definitely should visit his patreon page, so many cool stuff there.

Want to get featured? Feel free to send me a link to your portfolio!

Markus Magnusson
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