20 Amazing Halloween Illustrations

Halloween is coming! That’s why we carefully picked for you the best illustrations and animations for this tremendous night. Are you ready?

Let’s get started! 🎃

1. Black Cat

Designer from Toronto Jetpacks and Rollerskates has done a special series of shots in orange and black colors. One of the illustrations is Black cat, which is a symbol of Halloween and a perfect pet for all witches. The shot is simple but it really shows the mood of the party!

2. Whooo whoooo

Rory McManus has created weird but really cute animation of an owl that tries to fly but suddenly its body is torn apart and everyone can see the skeleton. Poor bird!

3. Don't Look Under The Bed

Series of shots “Don’t Look Under The Bed” by Ethan Silva contains three illustrations. Guys, I’m really afraid of monsters under my bad… Maybe some of you have the same fear too? Just remember how fast you try to run when you turn off the light!

4. Halloween Icons

The set of icons created by MashaE is simple, but perfectly represent the whole mood of Halloween. The lonely eye in the bottle and the wicked pumpkin are my favorite ones. Boo!

5. Halloween characters

Halloween characters by Radio represent all kind of the monsters. The illustration is bright and funny. Just look at this coffin or the monster who is wearing bomber and looks like Michael Jackson from the “Thriller” music video.

6. The Mummy

Have you already chosen the costume for Halloween party? Mathieu Beaulieu offers us the classic costume of the mummy and has done the illustration dedicated to it. This ancient mummy has come from Egypt and it is going to celebrate Halloween with you.

7. ✨too fab for u ✨

Diana Stoyanova created the fabulous vampire who admires his appearance too much. Haha! Hope this vampire has reflection in the mirror.

8. Halloween Friends!

Ghost and Jack O Lantern are perfect friends for this night. The classic Jack O Lantern and the Jack O Lantern with Potter’s scar show the spirit of the party and also it’s a good idea to cut out pumpkins like these ones. Thanks Turgay Mutlay for this shot.

9. Trumpkin

This one is my favorite! Orange is on the top of the season and this illustration by talented designer Mauro Gatti from Los Angeles shows one of the most famous persons of the world. Can you guess who it is?

10. Dracoola

This hipster Dracoola by Juan Felipe Cadavid R really enjoys Halloween night. The illustration has bright colors that make the whole picture alive. However, I guess this cat is a little terrified by its owner.

11. Trick Or Treat Orange

Do you like Halloween candies? I do. And I guess Neil Rock likes them too, that’s why he has created this shot with the name “Trick Or Treat Orange”.  There are all special sweets for a party: eye candies, teeth sweets, lollypops with skulls, fingers… Aw, delicious!

12. Zombie 🧟‍♂️

The next shot was created by the designer from Serbia, Aleksandar Savic. I think I look exactly like this Zombie after the whole night playing video games! Seriously guys, this shot is really nice and you even can see the skull of the Zombie. Boo!

13. Spoooooooky

Omg this cutie is created by Chris Fernandez. It’s not terrifying or evil, vise verse you can see how happy and kind this Jack O Lantern is.

14. Halloween

This must be the most horrifying animation of today. I have been looking carefully at this gif while suddenly ghost has appeared from trashcan! The whole animation represents classic decoration for Halloween party and the atmosphere of it is so nice. The shot was made by Gani Hakobiann.

15. Watch Your Back While Watching Horror Movies Alone

Just imagine a situation when you watch a horror movie alone and suddenly someone touches your shoulder. Are you afraid? This illustration shows such situation and I think if I were this ginger girl I would get crazy. Thank you Manu for making me feel these emotions!

16. Peek a Boo!!

Open the door at Halloween night and you will find new friends like on this shot. Ghosts, ginger witch, black cat, Jack O Lantern and bats are coming. Welcome to Halloween by Doljirung!

17. Dracula

This vampire looks so fabulous with all these glitters and modern haircut. Would you like to meet him during Halloween party? In addition, amazing designer Maria Keller has created series of the shots for Halloween. Check out her account and you will find a lot of really cool illustrations such as sad ghost, skull with tattoos, mummy and zombie.

18. The Witch & Friends

One more shot by Doljirung. Do you know who are the best friends of the witch? “The Witch & Friends” introduces them to you. I like the whole concept of the illustration showing all main Halloween characters.

19. Unused Characters

The illustration made by Radio shows three characters in purple color. You can also find the sketches in the attachments. They all are so awesome but wolf is my favorite one!

20. Spook Pothead

This shot is a real masterpeace! I have not ever seen such a unique style like this before. It’s not an ordinary shot and it definitely has a special meaning for everyone. I hope you like this illustration by Kayla M Nyre as much as I do.

Guys, here are all amazing shots and animations for the Halloween night. Hope you have prepared your costumes for a crazy Halloween party and you love the shots made by the extremely talented designers.

Enjoy your holidays! Boo! 👻