Hottest Dropshipping Trends for 2019 According to Shopify

Today it’s very trendy to be ahem… trendy. Or is keeping up with tabs means being fashionable? Or you have to be crazy to ignore the latest craze? Ugh, it is so confusing, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and many people mistake one thing for another, attempting to keep up tabs on what is considered ‘hot’ or ‘it’. Wait just a moment here… Why do so many people devote a lot of time, nerves and money trying to stay on top of things? After all, getting to the peak of social, cultural and hi-tech change is not easy, and staying there is even more problematic.

Well, despite requiring thoughtful observation, understanding of the all kinds of environments and the ability to connect the dots, which are not always obvious, keeping your eyes on the ball of what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’ can pay off big. You, being a business owner and therefore a decision maker, simply can’t afford not knowing what is the latest and greatest in the products that you are selling.

It’s not just missing the customer who’s adamant, that he absolutely must have that ‘It’ thing, mainly because he really wants it, but also because Tom next door already has it. You know what it is? Fad. It’s important to understand the difference between trends and fads.

In few words, trends are mobile and fads are fleeting, but it’s more complex than this. Fads are burning brighter than trends and with a much shorter fuse, and if something becomes hugely popular overnight, it’s a fad. These short-lived, widely-shared explosions of interest usually generate a lot of buzzes, but quickly become the butt of jokes, abandonment for the newest shiny toy, and inevitably just a number in statistics.

We wouldn’t go as far as saying that a fad has no value, we would rather caution against calling it sustainable. A fad may have a short life span, but nonetheless, it can be hugely successful. Any company, that is able to respond to it in the marketing strategy, would reap a profit so fat, that it would make Jabba the Hutt look skinny. The catch is, you can’t rely on fads when making plans. For that, you must look into trends.

Trends are what we need to be aware of because unlike fads, they tend to stay around, evolving over time into something bigger and better (rather than fading in just weeks). They’re usually buddies with technological advances. Trends are where you want your plans to be: at the edge of development and change. Trends are very difficult to identify before they happen, easy to point out while they are happening, and totally obvious after they have happened.

Let’s look at two examples. Healthy eating is a trend on the rise in Europe, but a no-salt diet should be called a fad within that trend. Or imagine a start-up pet clothing company that specializes in retro style coats made of purely organic materials. They’re selling more and more products each month, bloggers devote a feature to them and they are successfully expanding by complementing their offers with jackets also made without any synthetics. It means they’re ‘trending’ in the right direction. The question you probably asking yourself and us right now is ‘it’s all well and good, but how do I get trendy’? By listening to the experts, naturally.

If you ask both starting and experienced e-store owners about the best option to start a profitable online-shop, they would shrug and name Shopify ‘all in all solution for all your e-commerce needs’. If you’d turn to a developer, he’d also call your attention to Shopify due to the impeccable security, a vast variety of apps, awesome speed and scalability options. A most frugal accountant would be in complete agreement, pointing out great pricing, a number of free themes and apps and multiple payment gateways.

However, being the most popular resource used by numerous folks from all around the globe and offering a lot cutting edge marketing services and tools, they also represent a trustworthy and extremely rich mine of knowledge and insights, which can be tapped for pointers, advice, and recommendations.

We scanned the reviews and testimonials, looked through profit and loss reports, had a lot of educational fun at the specialized communities of Shopify e-merchants, eavesdropped on the rumor mills about what will be biggest profit-makers. After doing all the homework, we compiled a list of dropshipping trends for you, which you can use as a food for thought when thinking about potential additions to your product line this year. Let’s look at them, shall we?

1. Wireless phone chargers

With hands-free technologies on the rise and smartphones becoming more and more ‘glued’ to our hands, it’s kind of logical to think that wireless accessories will become the next big thing.

Why not start selling wireless phone chargers? People are getting really frustrated with standard charging devices, which all come with wire and require power receptacle, which isn’t always within arm’s reach. As with any accessory, there’s a possibility of picking all kinds, suited for different age and gender groups, as well as bundling them with earphones or smartphone cases.

Price range: ~$10
Targeting: mobile device users, iPhone users

2. Deshedding pet gloves

Pet products are always a good bet since people just can’t resist buying for their pooches and maine coons anything that would be good for them (from the owner point of view, anyway).

However, every owner of a pet, be it a canine gentleman or a feline lady, at some point grows frustrated to the point of tearing his hair out with one thing. Yes, hair, or be more precise, the shedding of it, which in some cases (think Persian kitties) can become a huge problem.

Besides providing a neat and compact grooming solution, these gloves come with silicon pointed edges on one side, and rubber-like mesh on the other side, allowing buyers to give their companions a soothing massage. Some think that this will be popular not just among cat and dog owners and horse lovers would also embrace this chance to bond with their charges. And there’re the zoos, where all kind of creature shed their hair and love the attention. And it would look awesome on the ad of cat boarding kennel or a dog lover club. And… Well, you got the idea.

Price range: ~$3
Targeting: cat owners, dog owners, pet products consumers, pet lovers clubs

3. Phone lenses

Can you imagine some point in the future when Instagram would become deserted? Yes, if another resource offering a chance to showcase a lot of self-made photos would come around. Perhaps one with stricter requirements regarding the quality of the pics. One thing is a definite ‘yes’, however, and that’s our love for social media, photographing ourselves everywhere and posting the footage there.

While it’s impossible to beat a professionally done and processed image, phone lenses can certainly improve the quality of your photo album content. Take into the account the low cost (comparing with all those fancy reflex cameras) and ease of use, and you’ve got a ready-made irresistible temptation for your shoppers. Especially if you accompany your campaign with photos made by the same phone with and without the lenses. ‘Before and after’ approach is always yielding great results. Just imagine putting all that double magnification of captured snaps to good use on your next promo campaign.

Price range: ~$4
Targeting: mobile device users, iPhone users

4. Child wrist leash

Despite a rather controversial concept, this contraption (which actually looks all kinds of cute) is not intended for leashing up children at home or in the backyard. So, if use this item, keep in mind that many folks right after reading the name would start thinking about a dog. That can be easily remedied with a different name and a little explanatory feature, containing a description of where and how it should be used.

Public and busy places, such as shopping malls, where kids can get lost easily, are the locations, where those could come in handy. Besides giving your child the chance of learning the importance of safety in a fun and playful way, it would also be a useful thing for grandparents who can’t always keep up with hyperactive toddlers. Another use would be connecting twins and letting them learn that respect for one another is sometimes necessary and some things can be done only together.

They will have a high selling potential during the holiday season since statistics recently took notice of its growing popularity among young parents.

Price range: ~$4
Targeting: child care providers, parents, child safety

5. Magnetic air vent phone holder

Since almost none of us can’t imagine a life without the phone nearby, we are often tempted to use them while driving. However, this way lie car crashes, costly fines, even more, expensive hospital bills, potential problems with the police and, the highest cost of them all, the danger of lives lost. All that prevents us from using a phone on the road, which sometimes is translated into lost business opportunities, frustrated friends who need to wait for you to arrive someplace where you can finally talk, and on the whole the situation can hardly be called pleasant.

With the invention of the magnetic air vent phone holder, many of the dangers related to using the cell phone and driving can now be eliminated. How so? Let’s look at the benefits, that such accessory provides for a driver:

  • prevents distractions while driving. Now you can place your phone right in front of you on a special holder. No more fumbling in your pockets or looking around;
  • improved hearing. Thanks to a holder you can now place your phone near you, eliminating both the need to balance your phone between the shoulder and ear and the chance of phone falling;
  • enables GPS and charger capabilities. Self-explanatory;
  • easier to view messages. Now you can read that important e-mail from your mum or a colleague at work without taking your eyes off the road.

Without a doubt, a good investment and a great idea for dropshipping.

Price range: ~$6
Targeting: mobile device users,  car owners

6. Electric soldering iron gun

Do you remember the sunny and carefree days of your childhood? We’re all very sad pandas for you if you don’t, and that’s why we feel strongly about hobbyists, who are people still playing with toys and making them as well. Whether it’s working on radio control airplanes, cars, and drones, or working with woods and glass, expressing the creativity requires quality tools, such as this compact and a neat soldering iron.

Its use is not limited to working on wonderful but not-too-practical things and it would be useful for anyone, who works with embedded systems and electronics in general, either on the regular basis or occasionally. It’s a product for very defined, precise target audiences, but this doesn’t mean low sales. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Price range: ~$20
Targeting: electrical wiring, electricians, soldering, welding

7. 3D printing pen

3D printing is that new technology that is going to change the world in the nearest future and shape it in new ways. Statistics and industry expert think that by 2025 EVERY resident of the country, that can be called developed, will in one way or another come into contact with this kind of products. Which is understandable, since they offer amazing capabilities, which are especially evident in the use of such pen.

It allows to draw on almost any surface within minutes and not restricted to use of templates. To a certain extent, it can be used as a repairing tool. Besides revolutionizing the teaching methods, they are becoming very popular among medics, who are able to create complex organs of human bodies and then use them whenever required.

Tailor into the equation their eco-friendliness and you’ve yourself a great product to dropship. Also, think about the fun that you’d have with it after receiving samples from the supplier…

Price range: ~$30
Targeting: 3D printing, educational, high-tech novelty

8. Outdoor solar light

Last years we’ve noted a definite rising demand for all kinds of energy saving products not only in numbers of governmental institutions reports and high profile scientists but on a smaller scale too. Ordinary people use outdoor solar lighting not only to reduce that ghastly power bills, though the provided savings are substantial.

These lights are very affordable not only in terms of money but also very friendly on the nerves since their installation does not require any digging, trenching or wiring whatsoever. Another aspect that pleases everybody is the fact that solar lighting makes any residence or workspace less vulnerable to such threats as bad weather and power outages, thanks to the usage of a rechargeable battery.

There’re many kinds of solar lights for you to choose from, from street lights with a retro feel to transform your porch into something straight from a Victorian novel to plain panels which you can mount to your fence absolutely hassle-free.

Price range: ~$9
Targeting: energy saving, outdoor lighting, environmentally friendly household appliances

9. Manicure Milling Drill Bit

How would you like instead of paying $100s on one-time manicure getting the whole set? With this kit the buyer gets multiple tools, which provide everything that is needed for cutting, trimming, polishing, and enhancing the nails. Though it’s available on AliExpress for a low price, it was made for nail techs but can be easily used by those, who do their nails at home.

Many kinds are available, including those that you might have seen at salons, but they’re all offer different bits for sanding, shaping, removing old manicure including acrylic, as well as accessories for cleaning the drill.

Besides offering a comfort option of caring for your nails at home, it can be a lifesaver for those gals, which are unfortunately not blessed with perfectly healthy and pretty nails, and sometimes are just embarrassed to visit a beautician outside of the safety and anonymity of their apartments.

Price range: ~$35
Targeting: fashion accessories, shopping and fashion, nail and skin care

10. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Since infrared thermometers can determine the temperature of a target object without close physical contact, it means that they won’t contaminate or damage, or even interfere with any process that the monitored object is involved at the moment…

Why so official, since the first thing comes to mind is a smiling face of the kiddo, who now does not have to deal with that scary and obnoxious thermometer? Because many analog devices are used at production plants and all kinds of technicians and engineers in a wide range of industries are all in favor of those, finding them to be more accurate and invaluable when the object is inaccessible or moving.

However, your better bet would be with mums and dads, who would leap at the chance not to deal with the cranky kid and just measure his temperature without him being aware of the fact. There’s another significant advantage, which is the very fast response time, and we’re serious about the ‘very fast’ part because here we’re speaking about a few thousandths of a second.

Price range: ~$13
Targeting: baby and kids wear, baby clothes, clinic, infant care products

Final word

What’s your choice? We’ve compiled a list and worked hard to include the products for different walks of life. There’re truly revolutionary ones, and variations of the traditional ones which are still in high demand, very low priced and not so much, with a narrowly targeted audience and ‘everybody-loves-it’ kind.

Any of these niche products look promising enough to take your dropshipping store to a new level. However, you’re the ‘the boss, the king, the shah’ when it comes to deciding what’s best for you. We can only remind you that the best policy is ‘test, scale, and loop’. Do this with all the products that you think have the potential to WIN BIG. Because we have complete confidence that you’ll do just that!

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