Introducing Gravity, Dark Shopify Theme

The first impression can be made only ones so if you own a business it’s crucial to make a great first impression on your potential customers in order to increase sales. That’s why we pay so much attention to the design when developing our themes for Shopify. And with Gravity we took the design part even further.

Before, you had to make a compromise to either choosing a theme that has a unique design with lack of functionality or functional theme that looks generic. This was a reason for us to create Gravity theme – the most advanced dark theme for Shopify. Elegance, uniqueness and power of Gravity will maximise chances of your online business success.

Some key features of Gravity theme:

Wide Range of Shopify Sections

We’ve tailored a large number of Shopify sections for Gravity in order to deliver the best user experience for your potential customers. The sections will help you tell a brand’s story in the most stylish way to engage your customers with your business more.

Every section has a set of settings and features that will allow you to display any content in a way that fits your needs:

  • Parallax effect is available for many of the sections and can be enabled by simply clicking on a checkbox.
  • Product and collections carousels for mobile devices so the user can just swipe through your store’s catalog and find a desired product faster.
  • Gravity theme supports video backgrounds, you can enable this feature by including any YouTube video url.

There is a list of sections that can be used not only on a homepage but on custom pages as well with the same amount of style settings.

Blog and Collections sidebar that includes a list of widgets which you can add, edit and reorder.

Design Is Everything

Gravity theme includes 2 preset styles: Interstellar and Stardust. Choose between dark blue and grayscale dark color sets to fit your brand’s style guide. Dark UI highlights the beauty of colorful product images and other pictures of your store’s pages.

Besides the prebuilt color schemes, you can:

  • Choose between 2 layouts for product pages depending on which will work better for the kind of product you are selling.
  • Enable ‘Jump Header’ feature for better user navigation.
  • Enable ‘Image Zoom’ feature for product pages.
  • Enable ‘Slide Out Cart’ feature to make your customers go to checkout and place an order quicker.
  • Display ‘Related Products’ section on product pages.

Extremely Easy To Customise

The theme is ready to be used out-of-the-box and you can launch your store in minutes. However, you are able to change easily the overall appearance of the theme to add some personalisation by adjusting the settings. Also, every section has its own list of settings so you have a full control of a style for any particular section.

Excellent Mobile Experience

Gravity Theme fits perfectly any screen size and has a full Cross-browser compatibility. Completely responsive layout is the most important thing for any online store because most of the people shop on mobile devices and you need to make sure that these people will see the content of your store in a proper way. 

When we designed Gravity theme, one of our main priorities was to create a layout that will look amazing on all devices. The dark mobile UI will help you increase a conversion rate of your store because it adds an exclusive feeling for customers. Purchase of this premium theme will save you a lot of money from your marketing budget.

Launch a Store Running Gravity Today!

Stand out of your competitors by choosing Gravity Theme for your Shopify store. Even though the theme installation is a simple process that you can do in minutes with no technical skills required, we can install and setup a fresh store running Gravity for you.

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Enjoy the elegance of the dark layout and powerful features of the theme that bring sales!

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