Why Choosing a Premium Shopify Theme Can Be the Key to Greater Profits

When it comes to e-commerce, the design of your site plays a major role. Right choice can increase sales of your product, create an awesome reputation and provide steady influx of customers. Wrong choice can confuse and frustrate the clients, sales can drop considerably and the popularity of your shop will suffer.

As will your profits. Despite the fact that Shopify does not provide any themes that could be called outright bad, some are still better. In looks, richness of the features, customization options, reliability and flexibility.

Both newcomers to Shopify and experienced merchants who’ve been using free themes for some time sooner or later find themselves musing ‘Should I upgrade to a Premium theme? What are the benefits? Is it worth my money?’ Free themes are a good for starting, and they will do well enough for new entrepreneurs.

However, as your online business expands and the volume of sales increases, your needs will grow with them. And upgrading to a Premium Shopify theme is the next logical step. Below we’ll prove that not only it will be the money well spent and demonstrate for you the direct correlation between your yearnings and your theme. 

1. No need to hire expensive pros

Of course, you could ask a developer to create a site for you, which would fit like a glove all your requirements. But are you prepared to dig that deep in your pocket? Premium themes, which you can buy from the Shopify theme store or directly from a developer, give you all the advantages of top design for a moderate price. Sure, there are cheap themes that you can purchase at a third-party marketplace like ThemeForest. However, in the long run you might be sorry, since buyers from such emporiums complained that their purchases aren’t exactly robust and client support leaves much to be desired. Invest now and save yourself a lot of trouble down the line. And money. 

2. First impressions count

Did you know that people need only a few moments to form an idea about any object, and the storefront of your shop is no exception. About 50 milliseconds (or 0.05 seconds) will be enough for the user to form an opinion about the site that he’s looking at and make several important decisions. Namely whether he likes it or not, is he going stay or leave, does he thinks this an establishment worthy of shopping. Studies also confirm that 3 out of 4 Internet users judge the company’s credibility based on their web design.

Shopify’s free themes are good looking, functional and practical, but they can hardly be called perfect. If you want top-grade looks, a lot of variations, many options for customization and richer customer experience on the whole, you have to go Premium. Attract the customers and force them to stay. After all, people have to like spending time in your shop to be willing to spend money there. 

3. Careful planning leads to fat profits

It’s important to think today about all the tomorrows of your store. Perhaps you’re thinking of expanding the catalog of products. Maybe you plant to diversify in the future and there’re design features you’ll be needing. If you find a Premium theme that answers to these kind of questions now and in the future, your path to success will be much clearer. 

4. Better mobile experience

A Premium theme will be mobile-friendly and will give you a better chance at converting on-the-go clients. Just consider how many clients do their shopping from the mobile devices. Statistics says that during the peak ecommerce sales period (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday), sales from the mobiles can reach 65% of all orders.

However, do not confuse mobile-first and mobile-friendly themes. You don’t have to go for mobile-first look, but it is necessary to be mobile-friendly. Cater to on-the-move shoppers and your profits will move. Up. 

5. Solving problems cost time. And money

The problem with free themes is that they may look sweet on the outside but future maintenance could become a problem. The quality of the codebase affects efficiency, security, performance and of course the potential downtime. Premium themes usually have a quality support attached to it, so you can contact pros, ask them questions about your theme and solve your problem in no time at all. Another important thing that can save you money are updates. They are guaranteed, and you get it for free. In most cases for Premium themes you get a year of free updates and support. Developers at Shopify are continually listening to feedback and improving. Yet another adding to your savings. 

6. More ‘out-of-the-box’ features

If you compare the features in free and Premium themes, you’ll notice one thing almost instantly. Latter have more features specific to the industry. You won’t find such essentials for the convenience of user navigation and therefore for your success as an e-store owner as ‘quick product preview’ and ‘quick buy’ buttons, homepage slideshows, integrated Instagram feed or embedded video in free themes. Even if you don’t actually need all of these today, these option can become very useful as your business grows. 

7. Better conversion rate

Of the main problems that e-merchants face is getting a great conversion rate. Free themes are usually not customized for customer conversion. You want such nice things as scarcity timers, trust badges, upsell feature and countdown timer. To get a high sales figure you must go for a Premium theme that actually entices the shoppers to make a purchase. 

8. Optimized Check-out

The most important moment in any business transaction is a closure. Which in e-commerce means the full cart and bought goods. Quick pay is a great feature in premium Shopify themes which allow shoppers to quickly add products to their cart without leaving the page. This helps reducing that dreaded abandoned cart by allowing shoppers to browse your store AND buy at the same time. This function is bound to make the purchasing process extremely smooth for your customer.


Setting up e-store is just an opening part of the ecommerce battle. By using a Premium theme, you could easily leave many competitors behind and win a lot of new the customers. Remember, both online and offline shoppers look first at how the store looks and whether they feel at ease when they enter it.

In e-commerce the importance of visually pleasing storefront is crucial since you can’t count on the great location or pretty salesgirls. The well-thought functionality is the key that will determine whether people want to spend more time on your site.

Premium themes are created by professionals, who know what works best in the current e-commerce environment. Use their expertise to gain a competitive advantage, raise your sale and make you profits fantastic today and tomorrow.

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